Neverwinter Xbox One Tips and Tricks with 10% off neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds for sale

Neverwinter Xbox One Tips and Tricks with 10% off neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds for sale

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  1. Neverwinter was a huge hit on PC, leaving neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds for sale console owners salivating at the chance to play the game. Thankfully, Cryptic Studios’ MMORPG finally arrived on Xbox One after an extensive beta, and most of the elements from the original are intact, complete with tough enemy battles, opportunities to level up and of course, multiple quests.

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    If you never played the game, kick off the adventure the right way with Prima’s Neverwinter tips.

    How to get around

    When you first enter the world of Neverwinter, you won’t have to worry about getting lost because there’s a guideline for each new quest you take on, with sparkles that appear on the ground. Following these will take you right to your objective, though you may have to defeat a few enemies along the way before speaking with your contact and completing the quest at hand. 

    While following a guided line will help you finish these quests, we suggest doing a little exploring. That’s because Neverwinter has a vast world to explore, complete with dungeons and hidden areas containing treasure chests. Lost? Find your way back to the sparkly path.

    Gathering loot

    As you proceed through the world and complete quests, you’ll earn an abundance of currency that you can use to purchase new items and level up your character. While gold and silver are good when it comes to making these purchases, the currency of choice is Astral Diamonds. With these, you’ll acquire specialty items for your characters. 

    How do you earn Astral Diamonds? For the most part you’ll get them from completing missions, as well as utilizing your Invocation ability, which will be explained to you in-game. You can also find additional missions littered throughout the world that provide opportunities to earn more.

    For good measure, you’ll want to keep up with Scrolls of Identification. These are also scattered throughout the world, although you’ll need to identify them in order to learn their true value. To do this, open the scroll and click the item to learn more details. 

    It pays to identify items, even if they’re not of use. The items you’ll obviously need can stay in your collection, but ones you don’t want will become worthwhile to shops that purchase things. Make sure you keep close tabs on your inventory to get an idea of what you’d like to use down the line, and get rid of useless items so you can keep slots open for whatever you pick up next. 

    The game does provide the option to buy more currency if you prefer, but see what items you can pick up for free first. It’ll give you a better idea of how to manage your inventory before you decide to make the plunge with real purchases. 

    Take care of your party

    Over the course of the game you’ll take damage from enemies. To prevent yourself from succumbing, make sure you have multiple health potions that you can use on the fly. 

    In addition, look for Campfires. These can help you gain health without needing to use one of your precious potions. If you don’t have one nearby, set up a Portable Altar to create your own. It’s useful if you’re running low and don’t have enough health potions to go around. Don’t forget to shop and refill your stock. 

    By the time you achieve a certain level in the game (around level 16 or so), you’ll be able to add a companion. It’s up to you to decide which sort of companion suits your play style. If you run low on health, go with a clergy to keep you healed. If you prefer back-up during combat, summon a warrior to join your side. 

    In addition, make sure they’re trained. No one likes a novice following them around the whole time. Once they level up enough times and gain the proper amount of experience points, you’ll be able to send them to train. Save this for when you’re not playing the game, as they’ll continue to train while you’re away. If you prefer, spend a few Astral Diamonds or real cash to level them up quicker so you can continue on your way. 

    Follow these tips and you’ll have a much easier time playing Neverwinter. On that note, enjoy the journey!

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