New Slayers Masks Provided in buy rs 2007 gold Treasure Hunter for More Drops & XP Gaining

New Slayers Masks Provided in buy rs 2007 gold Treasure Hunter for More Drops & XP Gaining

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  1. Would you like to gain more drops and xp from slayer to level up quickly? Well, here is your chance. Seven new slayer masks are available in RS3 treasure hunter, granting you more XP gains, slayer drops and other combat benefits. Currently, buy rs 2007 gold is for sale on RSorder for your preparation to hop into treasure hunter and gain some news masks!

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    Seven new slayers masks provided in RS Treasure Hunter

    In the previous post, RSorder has introduced that new slayer masks would be released in RS 3 for Treasure Hunter promo and shown Jagex’s plan on keeping all new masks in runescape at least one year. Now as these masks are available, RSorder will show more details about here. Originally, new masks are available to grab from Automaton, Black Demon, Airut, Aquanite, Dagannoth, and Ganoderpmic, However, if you open treasure hunter during the period from 00:00 UTC on the 30th of July to 23:59 UTC on the 3rd of August, you will get a troll slayer mask immediately as bonus. Thus it is the best time to get new masks! Note that the troll mask is wearable at any level, while the other six ones are hybrid armour requiring 55 Defence.

    Some benefits that can be granted from using new masks

    As we all know, masks are always rare drops from monsters. But now you can get it from treasure hunter, and even grant more benefits, such as more xp gaining and extra drops, with which you can get more rewards when fighting against the recently released elite NPCs. See details about the benefits below:

    1. More Slayers XP: The mask will grant you additional xp from killing the related creature, no matter you’re on assignment for the creature in question or not.
    2. Extra drops: Every 10 kills completed will grant you extra drops, which don’t include effigies or clue scrolls, but include charms.
    3. Increased damage: The mask will provide an increase of damage and accuracy against the related creature.
    4. Helm version: After a set number of kills, the mask will turn into a visually improved helm version, which can be switched back to the mask if you like, but the helm/mask will no longer give the additional XP, combat benefits and extra drops from that point.
    5. Teleports to creatures: Two teleports are provided per day to transfer you to the place that related creature in.
    6. Slayer task guarantee: The troll mask guarantees a Slayer task, while the others grant a task to related creatures every three days.

    For players who want to get xp quickly, seize the chance to open treasure hunter and fight against elite NPCs as much as possible. And don’t forget that cheap runescape 3 gold is on full stock on RSorder for your grabs!


    Crates to Hide, Trading & More Confirmed to Add in OSRS Deadman Mode

    Confirmed new features of Deadman Mode: crate and trade

    Suggestions to standardize trading and skull timer in Deadman 

    When Deadman Mode will release on Old School?

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    Haunted Mine(OSR)
    Lunar Diplomacy(OSR)
    One Small Favour(OSR)
    What Lies Below(OSR)
    Legends Quest(OSR)
    Recipe For Disaster – Final Fight(OSR)
    Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 7 : Sir Amik Varze(OSR)
    Family Crest(OSR)
    Fremennik Isles, The(OSR)
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    Roving Elves(OSR)
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    Big Chompy Bird Hunting(OSR)


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