Nice tips for Heroic Dungeon Avalanche Den and Blade & Soul gold 10% off sale

Nice tips for Heroic Dungeon Avalanche Den and Blade & Soul gold 10% off sale

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  1. There are a few Blade and Soul guides on Avalanche Den. Most of the guides focus on how to deal with the big bosses rather than the annoying mobs. would like to share some detailed tips that will hopefully help you with more ease. For players with common equipments, these tips will be especially useful.

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    Before You Meet the First Boss

    1. When you enter the dungeon, you will be attacked by mushrooms and snowballs. You should dodge the snowballs and kill the mushrooms.

    2. The mobs on the road should be killed.

    3. There is a machine releasing snowballs. You should destroy it.

    4. If you are quite skilled, you can ignore the snowballs and mushrooms and just destroy the machine.

    How to Kill the First Boss

    1. Kill the nearby mobs to get snowball drops which can be used to attack the boss.

    2. Destroyer and Blade Dancer can spin around the pillar and the boss will fall down.

    3. The boss is easy to kill.

    Before You Meet the Second Boss

    The tips are the same with the first one.

    How to Kill the Second Boss

    1. You approach the door leading to the second boss and lead the boss to the slop before kill him.

    2. Destroyer and Blade Dancer can kill the boss with dual control.

    3. The mobs on the slop should be killed as soon as possible.

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