Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Non Prescription Colored Contacts

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  1. Non prescription colored contacts give you the opportunity to alter the natural color and appearance of your pupils and irises. Contacts like these, which are also called "plano contacts," can be used only for special events, or you can wear them on a daily basis. Special cosmetic contacts do not have to improve your vision. Instead, they are available for purchase without an eye doctor’s prescription for corrective lenses. However, it is still important to see an optometrist prior to purchasing non prescription colored contacts, so that you can obtain a prescription that records that exact shape of your eyeballs. The prescription ensures that you can buy colored contacts that conform to your eyes perfectly, reducing the risk of damage from wearing contacts that do not fit correctly.

    Uses for Colored Contacts

    Contacts specially created for cosmetic or novelty purposes have a wide range of potential uses. Halloween, costume parties and similar festive events are all opportunities to use devilishly red eyes, cartoon-themed lenses, cat eye contacts or other crazy contacts that transform your eyes’ regular human appearance. Alternatively, if you simply desire to change your look without drastically and perhaps permanently altering your body with piercings, tattoos or outrageous haircuts, you can wear non prescription contacts on a regular basis. Choose different colors to match your mood, or go without on the days you want to show your natural eye color.

    The Necessity for Prescriptions

    Despite their name, non prescription contacts actually do require a prescription. Whether you wish to purchase costume contacts or purely cosmetic lenses, you will have to consult a licensed eye doctor prior to buying them. Colored contacts that do not correct the wearer’s vision were originally available without a prescription. However, complaints about injuries prompted the Food and Drug Administration to order vendors to request doctor-issued prescriptions from buyers. The prescriptions do not necessarily have to be for correcting eyesight, but are rather dedicated to providing information on the shape and measurements of the eyes. Some vendors still offer colored contacts without requesting a prescription, which is illegal. You should avoid buying from these sellers. It is in your best interest to obtain a prescription from an eye doctor before purchasing contacts that are custom-fit to your eyes only. Otherwise, you can fall victim to irritation, infection or serious damage to your corneas, including abrasion and erosion. Also, if you have never worn contacts before, your optometrist can give you vital information on wearing, cleaning and storing your special lenses.

    Different Contacts for Different Eyes

    The natural color of your eyes determines what sort of non prescription contacts you need. People with light-colored eyes can deepen or alter their usual hue with tinted lenses. People with dark eyes require opaque lenses in the color of their choice to cover up their irises. All colored contacts provide a clear opening in their center to allow light to reach your pupils, letting you see normally. Regardless of what sort of colored contacts you use, you should always store them in contact solution to prevent them from drying up. Never sleep in your contacts unless their package specifically states that you can. Use eye drops to combat dryness, itchiness or other discomfort from wearing your lenses. Consult your eye doctor if any prolonged problems occur. Taking care of your colored lenses and your eyes helps ensure that you get the best experience from wearing non prescription contacts.

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