OSBuddy’s New Plugin Add Multiple Bank Tags for One Item with free 07rs gold giveaway on 11.05

OSBuddy’s New Plugin Add Multiple Bank Tags for One Item with free 07rs gold giveaway on 11.05

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  1. As we all know, each item only has one tag in Old School Runescape. It’s not that easy to clarify and find all items what you want. For that reason, OSBuddy is adding a plugin that allows people to add multiple tags to one item. Even they plan to add a junk tag to some items to help people clean out their banks.

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    What will Bank Tags be used for?

    Bank Tags will allow each item have unlimited tags, in order to make players more convenient to classify items. The bank tags created by OSBuddy are not predetermined but customizable, meaning that you will be able to set whichever tags you want. But having too many tags might cause some slight lag.

    What’s more, they have had a plan to add a “junk” tag to some items so that people can clean out their banks. Here are other things you need to know about the plugin:

    1. OSBuddy don’t work for Jagex, so this update is stored clientside.

    2. This update uses the clientscripts, so it is a little more complicated than an injection or a second search system that hides untagged items in bank.

    3. This plugin will mostly be pro. But provided some of the current pro features will be moving to free next update, it doesn’t matter in future.

    4. OSBuddy has the ability to withdraw all items tags added by this plugin when Jagex find a new way to fix this issue.

    How does it work?

    Right click item -> Add tag -> type the tag name -> Press enter

    When will Bank Tags be released?

    OSBuddy is adding some integrations for this plugin. And the plugin is going into the dev-build client for testing tomorrow.

    Obviously, this update will make players to find what they want more quickly. For example, you add a “combat” tag to your abyssal whip. If you search “combat”, it will return the whip. You can also add this tag to your other combat gear so that you only need to do one search to get all of your stuff. Currently, one item is restricted to a single tag. But with this update, you can add multiple tags to one item. It will save a bit of time, especially for tasks which require a more complicated inventory set up.

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