Obtain More Honor and cheap wow gold to Prepare for WOW Legion PvP Season 1 & Rewards

Obtain More Honor and cheap wow gold to Prepare for WOW Legion PvP Season 1 & Rewards

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  1. WOW Legion PvP Season 1 is coming out! It is the best time to put your Honor to good use! Today, we will give all players a guide to earn Honor points quickly in Legion and prepare for Legion PvP Season and a sneak peek for PvP Season rewards.

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    When does first Legion PvP Season launch in WOW?

    It has been announced that the new PvP season begins on September 20 to WOW Legion US and on Spetember 21 to WOW EU. Generally speaking, one season lasts three months, but Legion PvP seasons may be shorter.

    How to earn Honor points quickly in Legion?

    To win in Legion PvP, you have to gain Honor as much as possible and ger the honor hear. Here are 3 ways to make Honor fast in PvP:
    1. Through random Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds should be a quick and effective way to obtain Honor. If your team win, you will be rewarded a certain mount of Honor Points with no doubt. Even if you lose, you can get honorable kills by killing enemies.
    2. Do the world quest. The world quest can offer you gear and artifact power. Usually the higher item level will give you more stats. What’s more, the PvP world quest can also increase the iron level quickly, and offer pvp honor gear all the way up to 840 gear. Usually, if you’re at honor ranked 20, you’re going to possibly get 840 epic gear. If you are at rank one, you will only get 805 gear. So you had better grind out these honor rankings.
    3. PK players in the opposing faction. Taking down an enemy player on the opposing faction, and you will gain a few Honor Points as well.

    What rewards are for PvP season winners?

    It is confirmed that after the season ends, there will be rewards for each faction. According to the changes in WOW 7.1 Honor Talent System, honor talents will no longer be lost when a player chooses to Prestige, and players will receive gold or artifact power at higher prestige levels.

    Besides, the Season 1 Gladiator mount is Vindictive Gladiator’s Storm Dragon, as well as new mounts from Vicious Saddle.
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