“Old-Fashioned” Retweeting vs. “New” Retweeting

“Old-Fashioned” Retweeting vs. “New” Retweeting

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  1. Who knew there were multiple ways to retweet someone? Before Twitter changed the Retweet to be a reposting of the initial poster’s tweet ("New" Retweet), the only way you could quote someone was through copying their post and putting RT @username in front of the message. Now, with both options, you can retweet in different ways to fit your purpose.

    When to Use the "New" Retweet

    If you are directly quoting someone, you can use the "New" Retweet. In order to use the "New" Retweet, there is a link below the tweet that you can click on for it to be posted on your profile.

    Here is the good thing about this feature: tweets cannot be misquoted or used in the wrong context. This is especially good for celebrities and people of interest whose tweets are often misquoted or edited. Also, Klout is only measured by "New" Retweets. "Old-Fashioned" Retweets will count as mentions.

    twitter fail whaleHere is the bad thing about this feature: you cannot comment on someone’s tweet. You simply have to repost it on your profile.

    When to Use the "Old-Fashioned" Retweet

    The "Old-Fashioned" Retweet is perfect for the person who is looking to comment on other people’s tweets, but still give context and credit to the original poster. Twitter doesn’t offer an option to tweet old-fashioned vs. new, but there are ways around this.

    1. Copy/Paste the original tweet and put it in the right format. In front of the pasted tweet, put RT @username. In front of the RT you can add your comment. Afterall, that’s the reason why you’d want to old-fashioned retweet this person in the first place, right?
    2. Get a Third Party Twitter application. I know HootSuite allows you to choose the type of RT you want to perform. Click Retweet on the tweet, and for new retweeting format, click "Yes," and for old-fashioned retweeting format, click "Edit." This is a great tool that allows you to retweet they way you want.

    The bad thing about old-fashioned retweets is that they count as mentions, not retweets, when people are trying to measure your online influence, or klout. Try to keep a mix of new and old-fashioned retweets in order to mix it up. Only use old-fashioned retweets if you are looking to comment.

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