Perfect Picnic Ideas

Perfect Picnic Ideas

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  1. It’s 70 and sunny on a Saturday, and – let’s be real here – to eat lunch indoors would be a downright sin.  You could eat out on the deck again, but you’re craving something different.  Something like… a picnic.  Now we’re talking.  You can create a great picnic even at the last minute with a few simple food items and an innovative spot.  Here are a few perfect picnic ideas to help plan your outing.


    Pick Your Menu

    You can choose to go the traditional route with your picnic menu, but you don’t necessarily have to.  Some typical picnic food items are sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, a fruit salad of melons or berries, and a simple dessert item like cookies or brownies.  Food safety is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your picnic menu.  It’s recommended that you eat refrigerated food within one hour of removing it from a cooler, and you should never put refrigerated food back into a cooler once it has been taken out.  If you are concerned about your refrigerated food holding up, you might want to pack a less traditional picnic basket.  Try a menu of cheese, bread, wine, and apples instead of the typical picnic meal for a safe and light alternative.


    Pack Your Basket

    In the movies, picnic baskets are generally those tiny little wicker things.  A culinary Mary Poppins bag, if you will.  In real life, you might need something a little bit heftier.  After all, here’s the list of essentials that you’ll need to bring along for your picnic:

    1.       A blanket or sheet to sit on

    2.       Outdoor dinnerware, including plastic utensils; cups and/or glasses; and napkins and/or moist towlettes

    3.       Water bottles, wine, and/or soda

    4.       Food containers and ice packs to keep the food cold

    5.       A cooler for storing perishable refrigerated food

    Other optional items include sunscreen, bug spray, candles, and a trash bag if you’re in a remote location.  If you really want to go all out or are trying to set the mood for a romantic date, you might even bring along flowers or a decorative centerpiece.


    Choose Your Spot

    There’s nothing wrong with a picnic in a grassy field – this traditional picnic spot didn’t earn its reputation for no reason – but you can be creative, too.  If you live near a national park, lake or river, you might want to set up your picnic there.  Another option is to set up a picnic on the beach.  This can be an especially romantic spot, especially if you choose to have the picnic around sunset.  If you’re not so near to the coast or start to experience separatino anxiety the further you get from the city, an urban rooftop picnic could be the way to go.  Whatever the spot, choose based on what suits your group most – a picnic is meant to be relaxing!


    However you choose to go about your picnic, make sure that you and your guests are enjoying yourself.  A perfect picnic is one that allows you to get away from the stresses and strains of daily life and relax for a little bit.  Spend a little while planning your picnic and a long while enjoying the meal outdoors, and you’ll surely think that you’ve experienced the perfect picnic.

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