Personalized Koozies

Personalized Koozies

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  1. The koozie is an amazing invention.  It is a regular beverage addition beer drinkers have used for a long time.  Koozies can act as both a utility and as a visual extension of one’s self.  For those unfamiliar, they are sleeves made of different variations of foam, neoprene, or fabric that fits snugly over your drink.  They act as insulation to keep your drink cold and your hands warm.  The most common koozie covers a 12 ounce can, but can also be found for the 16 oz. glass bottle, wine bottles and even pint glasses.  One of the important factors of the koozie is the personalization available to make it your own.

    Personalized Koozies

    Koozies not only keep your beverage cold, they can also be a means of showing off your character or have personal significance.  Some of the most popular koozies are of your favorite sports teams, hometown bars, travel destinations, and alcoholic beverage companies.  Koozies sometimes act as a source of pride and offer pieces of nostalgia.  What do you think of when you use an old koozie from your regular watering hole during your time in college ?  Or when you use the koozie you got at that playoff game several years ago?
    It is not uncommon for regular koozie users to dedicate a drawer in their kitchen for koozies because most koozie users are the first to offer their guests a koozie for their use.  Koozie drawers end up happening because koozies end up being something collected.  For some it is difficult to turn down a cool looking koozie.

    Reasons for Custom Koozies

    There are many reasons to customize or distribute personalized koozies.  The beer industry has used the koozie as a promotional tool for a long time.  Other companies have caught on with this trend.  It is not uncommon to see koozies distributed by companies at conferences and conventions.  If you are a business owner, consider the koozie as an option for a marketing tool.  Take into account how koozies are something people keep around.  You may have a simple way to stay top-of-mind with customers.
    The personalized koozie has found its way into personal events.  One of the more prevalent occasions are weddings.  Now becoming a common party favor, koozies offer a way to commemorate the wedding with something people will actually keep.  Other great uses for unique koozies are family reunions, charity events, tailgate parties, college organizations, or any other large gathering.

    Ordering Koozies

    If you are a business owner or purchaser, you may already use a promotional item supplier that can easily provide you with koozies.  If you are new to the entire process, there are a couple of ways to go about ordering koozies.  You may want to call or visit local print shops or promotional goods suppliers.  This avenue is good if you like to support local businesses and/ or like to sit down with a real person.
    The other way to order koozies is to do a simple online search for “custom koozies,” “personalized koozies,” or just “koozies.”  A search should bring up pages of companies offering this service.  Now it is up to you to decide what company best offers what you are looking for – be it price, customer service, etc.
    A concern that may arise with ordering koozies, not ordering in bulk costs a lot per koozie.  Most custom koozie companies may charge a flat art and/ or print fee as well as a fee for each koozie.  Because of this setup, ordering only a handful of koozies may end up costing you an average of $20 a koozie.  If you are willing to pay that then go for it.  On the other end of the spectrum, for a large event, koozies are very affordable.  Once you pay the setup fees, the variable cost for each koozie is low so you can get a lot of koozies for not that much money –  making them a great item.
    If you insist on a custom koozie but only need a single digit quantity, a fun alternative might be to buy blank koozies and make it a craft project.  With a little extra time and a lot less money, you can create something that the people you are doing it for may appreciate more and use for years to come.

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