Player Met Blizzard in Bar Balance & Interview with wow gold for sale

Player Met Blizzard in Bar Balance & Interview with wow gold for sale

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  1. Recently, a fan of Blizzard met Blizzard staff in a bar, and he showed that he wasn’t just a fan boy, but he did want to work for Blizzard. Few days later, he received an email from Blizzard. It says that he got $20 worth of balance and an interview.

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    Meet Blizzard staff unexpectedly in bar

    This story is shared on Reddit. A player works for a bar. Some day, a man waring an Overwatch hat came into his bar. The bartender asked the man where he got this hat, and this man said he worked for Blizzard.

    Actually, this bartender is a loyal fan of Blizzard. He hold a “goal card” in his wallet for years, which says, “I will work for Blizzard Entertainment,” with a date and a signature.

    Though he never showed this card to anyone before, he showed it to this man. He said, he was not just a fan of Blizzard, but he really wanted to work for Blizzard. In return, this Blizzard guy shared many interesting insider stories. They chatted a lot, and the fans bought the dev a beer to thank for what Blizzard team did.

    Finally, the Blizzard staff asked for his email…

    Reply from Blizzard for balance and an interview

    Surprises never stop here. A few days, this player received an email from Blizzard. It reads that, the devs were busy in BlizzCon in the past days. As a thanks, Blizzard gave a code for $20 worth of balance. What’s more, if he would like to apply for a position on Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard can help tweak the resume and review techniques to increase his chance.

    This is a true story from a player. What a warm experience! Do you have any unforgettable experience with Blizzard? You can share with other players on our facebook.

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