Please Distinguish Music Cape from Skillcape in buy runescape 2007 gold

Please Distinguish Music Cape from Skillcape in buy runescape 2007 gold

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  1. In the history of buy runescape 2007 gold, we players have sought after fire capes, skill capes and others, even pay for those capes at all costs on online suppliers. I used to buy RS 2007 fire capes on RSorder many times. I’m sure many people have has days obsessed to capes, or music capes couldn’t pass the poll by 89%.

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    As I said before, music capes have passed the poll by 89% votes. And the developers cannot wait to release them out now. But it seems that the preliminary draft is not that satisfying for players. First of all, music capes should have a more vibrant and light color, like golden, rather than black and grey. Second, instead of the harp, it could be music notes to go with the cape. Last, the music capes looks like skillcapes, except for emotes. But fortunately, it is confirmed that players don’t have to wear the cape to play it due to the icon. Before playing it, people have to meet the requirements to unlock some songs. You may know all the rules before, so you had better to prepare osrs gold in stock for the music cape. You can be able to buy runescape 2007 gold on RSorder if you need.

    To return, Jagex has made some adjustments based on feedbacks as below:
    1. Keep to the original design to distinguish music capes from skill capes.
    2. Center lyre more already. But the grid in OSRS will not maintain the details at a smaller size and it will distort.
    3. Make black tassels at the front.
    4. Replace the lyre with music notes on the cape.
    5. Make it more colorful: purple inside.

    To be honest, Jagex changed the capes a lot already. Though it is hard to make all players satisfied, it looks better in my eyes now. But, there is one thing many people may expect, which is function. It should be excellent to combine quest cape and champion scroll to this cape. If you have got the quest cape, do you test it yet? It would be able to complete all the hard diaries with few left. As for Champions Scroll, you can use it in GWD.

    For players, music cape needs to be unique in both appearance and function definitely. In my opinion, the music cape now looks satisfying, and it’s pretty cool to play it with no wearing it. If you want to try it, you can unlock it with cheap runescape 2007 gold from RSorder in future. Now go to poll it!


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