Please Fix What Is Broken, Not Introducing New Content in rs 2007 gold, Jagex

Please Fix What Is Broken, Not Introducing New Content in rs 2007 gold, Jagex

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  1. All the time, Jagex makes players to poll for most of RS 3 and Oldschool runescape content. In the past one year, plenty of new things have been added into Runescape and rs 2007 gold. But for normal players, huge updates and content are like blowouts which can be gained only on special days, but fixes to current game play are like butter and bread which is necessity. So which one do you like best I Runescape?

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    More and more content is brought into Runescape/RS07
    Recently, people are busy learning information of a variety of new updates in RS 2007. There is no doubt that all these current or upcoming updates draw plenty of attentions to players at present. And people need challengeable quests to fuel their will to fight and gain confidence to go on. Take Runescape 3 for example. People now spare no expense to buy cheap runescape gold on RSorder and devote themselves into the first RS 3 raid, Mazcab. It shows that people are attractive to this update.

    New content is occasional blowout while fixes are bread for daily use
    But that isn’t a long-term policy actually. Most of the time, people are going to do whatever quest you release to keep their capes. It is much like, normal people feed themselves with blowout once in a while and bread in normal days. So the major updates in Runescape had better have lots of time between normal fixes. For this reason, the original RS did a good job of this. Currently, Old School Runescape has had quite a bit of huge updates, like wyverns, Zulrah, slayer bosses, wilderness rework, and upcoming Deadman Mode. So the OSRS team should slow down the pace of new content introduced, and improve the existing ones.

    Please fix what is broken, rather than introducing new content
    To be honest, the above proposal is not from an individual, and many players have a word to the current game play. For example, due to the lack of single combat type weapons, it’s hard for a solo mage to PK so that the demand for magic special attack is more than a new crush DPS weapon. For Korasi, it costs like 350k for a spec weapon that can max nearly as much as an AGS in most situations. Since it was magic, it went straight through melee prayers, making it an easy PJ weapon when you can hit 60+ with it easily. Besides, thanks to that dungeoneering ring that saved special, you could use two in a row at scimitar speed so that it can’t control easily.

    We players are happy for amazing updates, including Deadman Mode and Slayer Bosses. But we are eager to play the game smoothly more than new content actually. We purchase osrs gold successfully from online sites, like RSorder, and get armed to the teeth to head into battles. But we finally die due to an annoying bug. We will lose everything, including the interest in the game…


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