Popular Things to Do in Oahu

Popular Things to Do in Oahu

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  1. The island of Oahu holds multiple treasures and has a little something for everyone. From warm beaches to national monuments to enticing local restaurants, you are surely to find your own piece of paradise.

    Luau and Hula Show

    Hawaii is is one of the most culturally diverse states in the U.S. and witnessing a strongly surving piece of culture is great experience for the entire family. The Polynesian Cultural Center in northern Oahu is a popular place to go see live shows, but remember tickets sell fast so buy yours online and well ahead!


    The beautiful landscape of Oahu makes for an exciting hiking adventure. Diamond Head, south of Waikiki, is a hotspot for tourists looking for a impressive view of the of the island. Ahupua’a O Kahana State Park also proves as a great destination featuring lush rainforests and Kahana Bay.


    The Ala Moana Shopping Center is Hawaii’s largest shopping center with over 290 Merchants. It’s located in northern Honolulu, just minutes from waikiki. It’s been described as "a shopper’s paradise in paradise". Waikiki also has many of it’s own local shops where anyone from any walk of life can find something they’ll love.


    Oahu is also known as "The Gathering Place" and as a melting pot of many cultured and ethnicities. You can find so many kinds of foods you won’t know where to begin! If you’re craving a great burger and fries, Bob’s Bigger Burger in Honolulu, is sure to please. They serve many kinds of flavorful burgers and fries with different toppings. If you’re interested in traditional Japanese food, try Marukame Udon in Waikiki for their Delicious udon dishes and tempura. And if you are a fan of anything pinapple you will want to visit the Dole Plantation. It features their famous Dole Whip and many other treats in their Plantion Grille. You can also find the Pinapple Express, which is a train that takes you through the plantation, the world’s largest maze, and a plantion garden tour.


    Oahu is home to many of the best and famous surf spots in the world. One of them being North Shore, Surfers come internationally during the winter months to get in on the monster waves. North Shore has been known to be "the birth place of big wave surfing". If you’re new to sufing, Waikiki also offers as a surfing hot spot.

    Pearl Harbor

    You may know the history revolving Pearl Harbor, but until you see it for your own eyes you have not exprienced profoundness of its nature. There are multiple monuments to visit while at Pearl Harbor, and it would take nearly an entire day to tour through them all. The most popular and well known is the USS Arizona Memorial. The memorial is placed right above the sunken ship for tourists to observe, with parts of the ship still viewable under the shallow water. When visiting Pearl Harbor, know that it is advised to buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid them being sold out.

    Oahu is a beautiful Island with so much to offer, including a lovely time and a memorable experience for you and your family.

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