​Prepare enough rs 2007 gold cheap from RSorder for the early come of Zeah​

​Prepare enough rs 2007 gold cheap from RSorder for the early come of Zeah​

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  1. As we all know that sailing has failed the poll. So what will happen next? According to Jagex, sailing won’t be offered again for some time, instead, they are going to bring players new continent of Zeah. Just like they said before, sailing would not push back any of the other updates. And this makes Zeah will be released early because sailing didn’t pass the poll. So hurry up to gather enough rs 2007 gold cheap ahead to get ready for the new continent.

    Using Guthans & Spectral Spirit Shield to kill Cerberus And Gain More OSRS Gold

    Cerberus has been released on 27 August 2015, many players have defeated the boss successfully. So are you a number of them? In order to defeat the boss, you have to prepare enough RS 07 gold so that you can enhance your in-game character and buy best weapons. This is a great way to save your money when fighting with the boss. And you can gain more OSRS gold from its rare drops.

    Guthans is helpful when fighting with Cerberus

    Use a spectral spirit shield

    Avoid Cerberus’s spirit attack and lava attack

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    Zeah will bring new bosses, quests, skilling areas and more to the gameGet Cheap OSRS Gold for Zeah

    Zeah has passed poll on November 2014 and Jagex said that it will be released in 2016.The coming of Zeah will bring a massive amount of new content to the game in the form of exploration, bosses, quests, skilling areas, etc! And it seems that players are greatly looking forward to this addition since they can not wait to explore new area in old-school. However, they have wait a long time before it released, so there is no doubt that some players lost their patient with Zeah.

    Zeah will be bring forward since sailing failed the poll

    Since sailing had not passed the poll, chances are that players will get Zeah earlier than before. The declining sailing, which they were really hoping would pass, makes them going to focus on getting Zeah done sooner, even if it means no new content will be updated for a time. Jagex has planned to release Zeah next year, but now they have to work on Zeah and change that original date. You will never go wrong by getting RS 2007 gold on RSorder to make a early preparation for the new continent.

    It seems that you won’t have to wait for too long to see new continent, so stock up enough RS 07 gold to explore more places in the game once Zeah is added in the game. In order to make sure you can have fun and make the most of the new continent, you can buy some cheap RS 2007 gold from RSorder. RSorder always can be the best place for you to buy cheap RS 2007 gold.

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    2007 RS Quest Helper Hot Sale Fight Arena(OSRS)

    Quick Overview

    Time: 1.5 hours
    Skills: Be able to kill level 112 and 137 monsters
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