​Preparing Nano Magnesium Oxide by Magnesium Metal

​Preparing Nano Magnesium Oxide by Magnesium Metal

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  1.    Because the particular functions, nano magnesium oxide has been one of the first choice to develop magnesium resources. Its R&D surly will promote comprehensive utilization of domestic plentiful resources and development of magnesium products with high value-added.

       At present, many countries are researching nano magnesium oxide. In order to prepare nano magnesium oxide, Meishen Technology used magnesium metal as raw material and adopted gaseous oxidizing technology. Therefore, it developed nano magnesium oxide with high purity and 10 nm average grain diameter. This product has many advantages in dispersibility, insulation, heat proof, translucency and so on. And it gets good applications in the fields of integrated circuit plate, infrared transparent material, etc.   

       On the application side, Meishen Technology’s nano magnesium oxide has a good toughness and heat resistance. Our company has already offered samples to aviation, electron, optical element and other industries.

       At present, the preparation and characteristics of nano magnesium oxide are still in exploratory stage. Especially in the aspect of transition to industrial from laboratory, it still can not offer theoretical basic, and has vast majority of research work. Therefore, the preparation, characteristics and modification research of nano magnesium oxide particles are still the domestic main research content and main attack direction. China has abundant magnesium resources, and is one of the major countries to produce magnesium compound in the world. In order create new application, magnesium oxide suppliers should strive to develop fine products of magnesium salt products. Especially to develop various of applications.

       The above are some introductions about nano magnesium oxide. If you want to know more knowledge about it, please contact customer service.

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