Promote Your Blog With Pinterest

Promote Your Blog With Pinterest

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    When I look at my stats on my Blogger blog, I am noticing that more and more people are finding my blog thanks to my Pinterest pins. I think this is great, because it is one of the easiest ways to share my blog posts.

    I go into my stats each day and 3 out of 4 Referring URLs are from Pinterest. So I make sure to pin each post I write. My traffic has increased by 300 views in just a few days thanks to Pinterest.

    In order for Pinterest to develop more web traffic for you, do these things first:

    • Install the Pinmarklet on your computer. You can find out how to do this by going to and following the instructions per your browser.
    • After you write a blog post (make sure it has an image included in the post, since pinterest is an image sharing site), click the Pinmarklet and choose which image you want to be at the forefront of your pin.
    • Click the Pin button that appears.
    • When the window comes up, click the drop down arrow and scroll all the way down to the bottom of your board names, and in the box next to Create Board, type in My Blog Posts or something similar. This board will be dedicated to your blog posts, so that when people see your pins, they know that they are from your blog.
    • Type something in the description box, then click Pin.

    You’re done! Now all your followers will see your blog posts on Pinterest. When they click on the pin, they go to a larger thumbnail, but if they click the image again, they will be taken to your blog. It’s that easy!

    Twitter is also available on Pinterest; when you are getting ready to pin something, there is a box on the right next to the word Twitter. I recommend using this. You can also automatically post to Twitter. To do this, go into your account settings.

    Hover your mouse where your name and thumbnail is on the right. Choose Settings in the dropdown menu, and scroll down to where it says Link to Twitter. When the window comes up, choose which pins and repins you want to go directly to Twitter. Then click save.

    It never has been easier to get traffic to your website, thanks to Pinterest. And here’s the best part; you don’t have to be a photography major; I use images from the web to enhance my blog posts, and people repin my posts based on their likes. They also click on the pins and go to my blog, which is great for me.

    I highly recommend using Pinterest to promote your writing, as long as you have an image included so Pinterest can attach it to your pin.

    Let your friends and family know that you’re on Pinterest and that they can see your blog posts there as well. You will begin to notice more traffic on your blog, and you will also receive more repins.

    A little side note: Another great way to hook people is to do a blog post about once a week or so showcasing pins you like. This also attracts more followers and blog traffic.

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