​Purple Colored Paper with Matching Ribbon – An Exclusive Indian Wedding Card

​Purple Colored Paper with Matching Ribbon – An Exclusive Indian Wedding Card

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  1. Marriage is the most important moment in the life, which is why it is celebrated as festival. Indian weddings come with various customs and traditions which vary in different religions and cultures. These are famous across the world for their elegance in every aspect. There are various elements making these exemplary and Indian wedding card is one of these. Its stylish and distinct design makes it one of the favorite choices for many people across the globe. Various couples looking for special invitation go for Indian wedding cards.

    Indian wedding card comes in different designs and provides a lot of options to couples. Various couples leave no stone unturned to make nuptial special and do preparations for it. In this rush, there is not much time to go to vendors shop and purchase. If a wrong invitation is purchased, then impression goes bad. To avoid this situation, various manufacturers are now operating via internet, so customers can buy wedding cards online. They also provide customization facility, so you can get a personalized invitation by sitting at home. There are many varieties of designer wedding cards popular these days and purple colored invitation with nicely tied ribbon is one of these.

    This Indian wedding card includes two inserts, one main card and envelope. There is purple colored shimmery finish paper used in it. Envelope has beautiful design printed in silver colored. Main card comes with raised gold color printing. It is decorated with matching rhinestones and Kundans. It has beautiful silver colored design in the right side. There is nice white ribbon attached with it.  Inserts are available in matching design and color. Its elegant design makes it an exclusive product in catalog of wedding cards from India. It is available in 10.50″*5.00″ dimension. You can also order samples before making any final purchase.

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