Raid Guide: How to Be a Hardcore Raider as Raids Come to cheap rs 3 gold Soon?

Raid Guide: How to Be a Hardcore Raider as Raids Come to cheap rs 3 gold Soon?

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  1. There are many discussions on designing Raid environment and boss on Runescape forums and reddit. Now the raids are approaching closely, have you been ready? Here RSorder summarize some tips from hardcore raiders to tell you how to make preparation and how to do in fighting. Come to RSorder to get some and buy cheap cheap rs 3 gold to be ready.

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    1. Team up earlier: It is difficult to beat the fierce bosses, so you may need to team up earlier and talk to your clan mates about this content, especially when you need to pull 10 random people together to make a group. Do right now to ensure that you have as much time as possible after release to actually raid. Make sure everyone knows what job(s) they will be doing and what to look out for. If you don’t know what to do you will probably die horribly. That can get your whole group killed.

    2. Ensure communication: For best communication, you are recommended to use a Voice chat like Skype, or Ventrilo, or TS, or Curse voice. As far as anyone knows this could be an encounter where just knowing what happens is or isn’t enough. Being able to say “Start killing minions” rather than having to type it makes it much easier on the leader. Typing is a time-wasting while trying to push buttons to use abilities to stay alive. Even if you don’t have a microphone, you can still listen, which will add awareness really pays off for the whole group.

    3. Know about equipment everyone uses: It may be helpful to make a list of what RS3 weapons & equipment everyone has. There are plenty of places to do this that everyone can view at the same time. This helps with planning and can help your leaders make changes at a glance, rather than having to ask everyone and get a wall of chatbox spam to sort through.

    3. Be patient: The most important rule of Raiding, especially on release, is to be patient. You’re not going to clear everything in the first go. The encounter will be buggy and you may die repeatedly. If you start getting frustrated or team morale gets low, you need to call it for the night and start again when everyone’s refreshed and has had time to mull the encounter over. Raids are cleared by pre and post-session planning. Use the time where everyone’s getting online and prepping to discuss any ideas you came up with during your downtime.

    4. Share ideas and information: If you notice that the boss does more damage and kills everyone when someone stands in fire, make that known to the raid. Maybe there’s something that puts the fire out that someone else noticed. Problems are more easily solved with a team effort.

    5. Try new things: Explore new boss stats, but most importantly – understand WHY they work. What works for some groups may not work for you.

    If Raid is a new thing for you, this information will surely help you now and in future raids. And possibly even help you in games you play years in the future. After getting some, you can buy cheap rs 3 gold and other items on RSorder to gear up. Happy raiding in this summer!


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