Reset Bios

Reset Bios

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  1. Preparation and the tools we need:

    – Bios file (make sure the Bios file  match the board number, so better to read user manual on official website before do this). You can download bios file by visiting official website and find download driver menu then pull down/click to find bios file you need.

    – Flashing device/Bios programmer (EZP2010)   

    – Computer

    – Hot air blower/Solder

    – Tweezer.

    – Netbook schematic (should be the same type as netbook you want to flash)

    Steps to take:

    Pull out the bios chip:

    1.      You should find your bios chip by checking your notebook schematics, then find SPI ROM. When you have found it on your schematic, the next step is to locate it on your motherboard (for older laptop usually they have printed code U1 on the motherboard).

    2.      Pull of the bios chips using hot air blower:

    –          Set your hot air blower for about 350 degree Celsius.

    –          Put your hot air blower above the chip.

    –          Wait about 2 minutes

    –          Pull up the chip with your tweezer.

    –          Wait until your chip become cool down (wait until it reach room temperature).

    Backup your bios file

    1.      Put your bios chip on Flasher socket (see picture).


    2.      Then put the socket with bios chip on it to the bios programmer.

    3.      Connect bios programmer to the computer via USB.

    4.      Open programmer interface .

    5.      To make it easy recognizing your bios number and brand you can click detect button on the programming interface. When you click this button, you will see a dialog box mentioning your bios chip type. While on the left hand side, you will see your chip manufacture, type and it capacity in Megabyte.

    6.      Before flashing the bios chip, it would better for you to make bios backup first in case there is something wrong with the process.

    –          Click the save button on the upper left hand side of the programming interface.

    –          Give it a name

    –          Click on the folder where do you want to save your bios file.

    –          Click save.

    Flashing process

    1.      First, locate your bios file and rename your bios file into .bin extension.

    2.      Now from the programmer interface you can click Load on the upper left hand side.

    3.      Change the open dialog extension into .bin extension.

    4.      Select the bios file.

    5.      To make it easy in the flashing process you can click AUTO menu, located in the middle of the interface. This menu will erase your bios chip then it will write your new bios file to the chip.

    6.      Wait about 10 second (depend on the bios capacity). You can see the progress on the bottom left hand side.

    7.      When the process finish, you can disconnect your bios programmer.

    Put back your bios chip on the mainboard.

    1.      Before you put back the chip on the motherboard, first you should clean up the motherboard using some cleaner.

    2.      Put back the bios chip on its place and you can make it permanently using solder or hot air blower.

    3.      Put back all parts (your notebook parts) like blue tooth, ram, processor and etc.

    4.      Close your notebook case.

    Your netbook is ready to go.

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