Batman is and always has been one of the prideful superheroes of America. Of course, the one thing that sets him apart is what makes him lovable in the eyes of all fans, his mortality and lack of powers. Proof that with enough money, and time, you can become as frightening and as righteous as the caped crusader. 


    The movie Gotham Knight is just like the superhero it is based on, fantastic. I’m a good fan of cartoons and the multitudes of styles that come along with it. Much like the Animatrix done about ten years ago Gotham Knight gives off the same feel and goal as it’s predecessor, to tell a multitude of stories in a variety of ways. It does that very well.


    Visually pleasing and the stories are well done. Though it felt as though it focused more on the visual and the different versions of Batman than story. If there was to be a scale of these two things, the visual against the story, the visual would be weighed down heavier. However, I can see that the entire point of the movie was to show the different views of Batman on the visual spectrum. Not to say the story does a bad job, but it does not come with the same caliber as the art. 


     Kevin Conroy, the voice of most of the animated Batman television shows and movies, is the perfect voice for Bruce Wayne. He has brought to the table a performance that is unsurpassable and probably will never be reached. I dread the day that he goes into retirement.  The other voice actors do their parts well, and I’ve always thought that if you don’t realize that the movie is a cartoon and there are voices behind it, the movie is a success. 


    Entirely, I enjoyed the movie. I love to see creativity in art and cartoons and this is a prime example. Batman has been my number one super hero and this movie does him justice in all his forms. Although very visually pleasing to the eyes and filled with action it lacks in story. The smaller parts are merely compilations as a means, I can guess, to show the essence and power that is Batman. 


    If you are a Batman fan, as I am, I suggest you buy this movie to watch and enjoy. For the people out there who like Batman as much as the next guy, I suggest only a rental to watch with friends. If wanting to get into the world of Gotham and Batman this one can wait for a while or not even be seen at all. For those wondering what Gotham Knight exactly is: maybe not. This movie varies and calls to a specific audience.


    Score: 4 out of 5


    Admittedly biased toward Batman, this show does have it’s downfalls. Yet, despite that it is a good movie and if you’re into Batman as much as I am you’ll enjoy it certainly. 

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