Review of X-men: First Class

Review of X-men: First Class

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  1. At first glance, X-men: First Class seemed to be balancing between being very good and another flop that has been seen with the previous two X-men movies. The trailer, for this article writer, was felt as though it could go either way and admittedly I didn’t know whether or not to see it. Luckily the trailer didn’t give any hints to one side or the other and left me wondering what sort of movie this will fall under with the either the first two X-men movies, or the most recent two. Needless to say I gave it a shot. 

    The idea for this movie is along the same lines as Wolverine: Origins, in the fact that it is showing what happened before the events of the first X-men movie. Instead of Wolverine, which he does have a small and very humorous cameo, we have Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr being at the forefront. It shows the beginning of their lives and leading up to their, presumably, early thirties. Here we see the friendship that was formed between Xavier and Magneto.  Definitely one for the comic book fanatic and those who enjoyed the previous X-men movies. 

    The acting was very well done. Nothing to be said on this part other than it is well acted, very enjoyable, and, above all these, truly believable. In this movie, definitely you root for the good guys and the bad guys are understandable in their drives and goals.  No character is truly hated or disliked, which I think is a very good quality in any movie. 

    Visually all the X-men movies have been very good and this one is no exception. I think it was well done in all forms and keeps to the same methods that the first few movies clung to. For example, the peeling effect of Mystique when changing to and from herself and other people. We see a little glimpse into the power of Charles Xavier, which was a fascinating to watch. 

    Some may say that they squeezed too much back story into this two and a half hour movie, I think it is well paced for the information that is given and taken in from movie to audience member. However, all the information that is given does make this movie feel long. Not draining, or tedious by any means, but personally I felt a few times that: "I’ve been watching this movie for a while now…" feel. 

    I did love, because maybe i’m a little bit of a comic book geek, the characters that are introduced. Emma Frost, Beast, Moira MacTaggert,  Alex Summers to name a few that have huge histories in the X-men universe. It is a good feeling to any who follow the comics, of any of the X-men story, to watch this movie and gasp when you realize that a certain character is portrayed as you remember them from the comic universe. Best of these, I think, is Emma Frost. 

    My final say, It is a movie to definitely watch in theaters. It is also one that I would highly consider buying when it comes out on dvd. 

    I give this movie 4.5 out of five.

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