​​Reviewing the BWM 1 Series

​​Reviewing the BWM 1 Series

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  1. Before you start looking at car finance figures, why not read our review on the BMW 1 series here!

    The Car

    The BMW 2011 model replaces the 2004 model with an upgraded look – a sharper front and a rounded read – to match its placement in the compact family car range. And of course it wouldn’t be a BMW without its signature kidney grille. These are flanked by large headlights and flared wheel arches which give the 1 series a slight more sporty look than the average hatchback on the market.

    There are a lot more options available in addition to the more efficient and eco-friendly engine that’s installed, for example it has 7 airbags which contributes to the ANCAP 5-star rating that it received, as well as stability control, climate control, 16-inch alloy rims, digital radio and iPod connectivity. These all come standard with the lowest of the range of 1 series vehicles.

    The Drive

    The BMW 1 series was a very interesting drive since it is the only hatchback around with rear wheel drive. And that means the weight of the car is more evenly distributed and it’s supposed to also give you better handling when you drive. While we took the car through acceleration at the different speeds we found that the difference of the rear wheel drive in terms of handling was mainly in its responsiveness and when taking corners.  But these differences aren’t quite as pronounced as compared to other models with RWD. That said, overall the handling is as good as you require, and the car is responsive enough to stick to the road as you go along.

    The other thing is with steering and the rear wheel drive is that it can make reversing and parking rather tricky, especially since there isn’t much of a view through the rear window, but its size makes up for issues in this aspect. Again, the combination of the size and the agility of the car can make the control seem twitchy at higher speeds and if you’re looking for car finance for this car, consider where you’ll be taking her so that you don’t end up with a car you that seems finicky . Or else, adaptive suspension upgrades might be the way to go.

    The Interior

    Another unfortunate setback that the rear wheel drive has on the 1-series is the compromise on space in the rear of the vehicle. While there is plenty of space for the driver and his front passenger, as well as the side seats at the back, the centre rear seat is slightly raised and bulky and will probably be quite uncomfortable for the poor person who ends up sitting there. But as a 4-seater car, the space is more than ok and even the tall folk would have enough legroom for themselves.

    The controls for adjusting position and height might be a little bit iffy, but the seats are comfortable, befitting the BMW name and you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable on the seats. However, again, the rear window is small, so besides parking issues, the interior doesn’t get enough light and it can cause those in the back to feel a little claustrophobic. The newer models of the 1 series are slightly improved and the rear boot space expands up to 360 litres now, along with more storage areas in the car.


    The 1 series is a very well equipped hatchback and honestly pretty good value for the money that you pay for it considering that it comes with a very well-trusted brand name and with that, excellent resale values should you need to sell or trade it in the future. If you would like to find out more about the car finance figures for the 1-series, then make an appointment with our consultants today and let us help you work out the best car finance deals today!!

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