Revitalizing Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Revitalizing Your Kitchen Cabinetry

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  1. Kitchens are the most time consuming and expensive room in the entire house to remodel.  The largest price tag is usually the cabinets. If your cabinets are structurally sound save money by revitalizing them. Revitalizing your kitchen cabinetry is the best and least expensive way to give your space a fresh, updated look.

    The simplest method to revitalize cabinets is to paint them.  I highly recommend using oil based primers and paints for this job.  They will look better and last longer then latex paints in your kitchen.

    The first step in this project is to remove all appliances, furniture and items in the cabinets.  This reduces your chance of damaging them while painting.  You will also need to cover your counters and backsplash with plastic secured with painters tape. 

    Money saving tip

    If you already have it, use Glad Press and Seal Plastic Wrap to avoid buying extra items and keep your project costs down.  You can also use taped down garbage bags on the floor as a work station for painting the cabinet doors.

    Next you will need to put tape around the cabinets where they come close to or do touch the wall.  This step may seem time consuming now but it is a lot less work then repainting your walls. 

    Now that all the prep work is done it is time to tackle those cabinets.  With a screw driver take all the cabinet doors off and remove the hardware from them.  Store all the hardware in plastic baggies so you do not get paint on them.

    If you have wooden cabinets you will need to sand the surfaces of the areas you want to paint.  This will remove the finish and allow the paint to adhere. 

    Once the sanding is done you can begin painting by putting a coat of high quality oil based primer on the cabinets.  Don’t forget the doors and drawer faces.  Allow this coat to dry completely (depending on humidity this could take 24 hours) and apply a second coat.  A primer coat ensures that the stain color of the wood does not effect the color you picked. 

    Paint tips

    Use a high quality paint brush.

    Paint with the grain of the wood.

    To prevent drips on edges, pull the brush toward them.

    Do not put too much paint on your brush.

    Avoiding streaks by maintaining a wet edge.

    Always allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next one.


    Once your primer is completely dry you are ready to apply your color.  You will do this the same way you applied your primer.  For best coverage you will want to use two coats.

    After your cabinets are dry put your hardware back on, hang them and enjoy your fresh, new look.

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