Romantic Lighting in Your Bedroom

Romantic Lighting in Your Bedroom

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  1. Having romantic lighting in your bedroom is essential when you want to create an intimate setting in which you and your partner can be alone together. It is very important to choose lights that are not too garishly bright when setting the scene for a romantic experience. Instead of using inappropriately blinding bulbs, optimize your special experiences by choosing light sources that produce soft, dim to gently illuminate your bedroom.

    Lights for Setting the Mood

    You do not need to light up the entire room or use light sources that you can read by when setting the mood in your bedroom. Subtle light works best for intimate situations. Candles are a classic choice for romantic lighting, and you can use as few or as many as you like. However, always use candles carefully and avoid placing them near anything flammable. You do not want your home to risk being engulfed in a devastating fire because you were not careful in setting up mood lighting. If you have dimmers, use them to turn the lights down low to amp up the romance in your room. Lamps that are covered with shades that do not emit much light are also useful for private settings. Another option is to install strands of white Christmas lights around your space. Attach these lights to the wall just beneath the ceiling, place them around your windows or wrap them around furniture and other fixtures to create a pleasantly whimsical and undeniably romantic setting.

    Lights to Avoid

    Excessive brightness can threaten you and your partner’s passion levels. Avoid turning on lamps with bulbs that are not covered by a shade, as the bulbs can cast an unflattering light that leaves nothing to imagination. Overhead lights that shine directly down on you can quickly kill the romantic feel in your bedroom, no matter how carefully you’ve designed the rest of the room to set a tone of intimacy. If you absolutely cannot avoid bright light in your bedroom, try to reduce the number of lights you use during your romantic encounters. Only turn on one light, preferably a few feet away from your bed. If you have an overhead light with multiple bulbs, consider unscrewing all but one to drastically dim the room.

    Other Considerations

    There are options to choose from when creating romantic lighting in your bedroom. Whichever you choose, you should also keep in mind that you can enhance the intimate setting by paying attention to other elements in the room. Remove distractions like clutter and dirty laundry. Hide or tuck away your television, exercise equipment or other items that detract from the private love nest you wish to create. Attractive fragrances such as lavendar or rose petals can be introduced via sprays, candles, incense or diffusers. Fresh flowers, satin sheets and any other romantic elements that you enjoy will also make the space more inviting and comfortable. Taking steps to create a welcomingly intimate setting in conjunction with using soft, dim lighting is sure to result in a truly memorable romantic experience.

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