​Runescape A Coat Hanger Storage Item​

​Runescape A Coat Hanger Storage Item​

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  1. Legit site to buy rs gold with big discount and fast delivery on RSorder.Do you have enough space to store your skilling gears or other things? Well you may have so many items need to be put in a safe place. However, it doesn’t. You need one more place. This is what we are talking about, Coat Hangers.

    A cost hanger is a storage item which can be used to store a complete set of skilling gear in a single inventory or bank space. Coat hangers are either empty, if they contain nothing, of full, if they contain a set of gear. Empty coat hangers are stackable in the bank or inventory, full ones are not.

    If a player has a complete skilling gear set and an empty coat hanger on their inventory, using any item of the gear with the hanger will cause the gear to be stored on the coat hanger. The hangers appearance will change to indicate the gear stored, and its status will be full.

    Right clicking a full coat hanger in bank or inventory gives two options. Wear will cause the player to wear the stored skill suit set. If they are already wearing a full skill suit, this will replace the one on the hanger. If they are not wearing a skill suit, their current apparel will be placed in the bank or inventory, depending on where the request was initiated. A warning will be displayed if there is insufficient space to do this.

    Retrieve will retrieve the stored skill suit to the bank or inventory. A warning will be displayed if this is not possible. Coat hangers will be a tradeable treasure hunter item, available at different levels of rarity depending on how many are given.

    The benefits are that player will save bank space when storing or carrying skilling suits, and can switch skill suits with just a couple of clicks. This could be handy for things like JOT.

    Possible extensions…”Suit You” quest enabling players to make degradeable hangers with limited usage from bronze wire. These could only be traded in unused condition and would disintegrate after 3 uses.

    Would this be a useful item in Runescape?

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