​Runescape First Bottle Quest Call of the Ancestors for rs gold fast on RSorder

​Runescape First Bottle Quest Call of the Ancestors for rs gold fast on RSorder

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  1. Most safe to buy rs gold at RSorder by paypal without phone confirmation.Yes, the first bottle quest is here, Call of the Ancestors. It is the liht-hearted, eminently accessible adventure coming this week. The three goebies will invite you to join them on the adventure of a lifetime on Mazcab, the strange new world. Start your journey there.

    To start Call of the Ancestors, you must be a runescape member. That is the only requirement. Speak to Tunks on Tuska’s back, get there by speaking to the Astromancer near Lumbridge docks.

    Once the quest starts, you will head through the portal with the young goebie Tunks and meet Acca Kanatah, who has determined to dig his heels in against the airut’s onslaught.

    You would accompany Tunks and his two friends, Peck and Lunch, as they embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering the lost history of their people, and harnessing powers the young goebies never knew they had.

    Once you complete the whole quest, you can get a batch of awesome rewards. They include tickets to reroll your raid boss loot, a Magic XP lamp, and a goebie warpaint outfit. There’s also post-quest content to discover, be sure to seek out Tunks when you’re done.

    Call of the Ancestors, the first bottle quest, a self-contained, character-led tale will break from the epic Sixth Age storyline. Easy for you to join the three goebies.

    Tunks is here and Balthazar is saying goodbye. Balthazar has started packing up the Runescape raffle. You only have a couple of weeks to collect any unclaimed prizes, spend your Rummage tickets and use up any deathtouched darts before it’s all gone for another year.

    Take your time in runescape and have fun.

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