Runescape Money Making Guide – How to Gain RS Gold as Woodcutting from Rsorder with Up to 10% free

Runescape Money Making Guide – How to Gain RS Gold as Woodcutting from Rsorder with Up to 10% free

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  1. Want to make money in Runescape? Then you should size the opportunity when you are leveling up your skills, such as woodcutting. It is quite rewarding to train woodcutting in Runescape. When level Woodcutting, it is very useful to have Rune Hatchet and it is also necessary for you to upgrade your hatchet as well. You can make a decent amount of money if you have better hatchets. If you need runescape 3 gold while training, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. Here are our tips on how to make money while Woodcutting.

    Level 1-15: At this level, you should cut regular Logs. Note: there is no need to buy an iron hatchet during this level.
    Level 15-30: Now, you can work on Oak Logs. When you get to level 21 in Woodcutting, you can use a Mithril Hatchet.
    Level 30- 40: At level 31, you can get your hands on Adamant Hatchet and Willow logs is your best option. Continue until 41 Woodcutting where you can get Rune Hatchet.
    Level 40-60: Go to magic seeds for birds nests here. You can skip cutting down maples which is available at level 45. You can continue cutting Willow logs to 60 Woodcutting.
    Levels 60-68: Now, you can cut Yews to achieve level 75. You can buy a Dragon Hatchet from GE to cut Yews at level 61. Seers’ Village is the best location to go. Yews will be rather slow to get a full inventory but you can get level 99 by sticking with Yews.
    Level 68-75: Chop Choking Ivy at level 68. This is the best way to get experience, but not money. So it is wise for you to stick to Willows until 75 woodcutting.
    Levels 75-90: Magic Logs are wise choice between these levels. Now, your best option is the Dragon Hatchet, but you can still stick with the Rune Hatchet if you can’t afford one. Magic Logs can be very slow to cut at the required level. So stay with the yew trees until around 85-90.
    Levels 90-99: Cut Elder Logs. Not only are they a decent RS money, but they are also extremely AFK. Elder Logs sell for around 4000 gp each.

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