Runescape gold for sale:New Avenues for Invention & 15 – Year Veteran Cape

Runescape gold for sale:New Avenues for Invention & 15 – Year Veteran Cape

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  1. Have you noticed recent news about RS? This week, Jagex is opening up new avenues for invention including hammers, tinder boxes and new perks. Additionally, RS 15 – year veteran cape is coming soon in game. Just buy cheap runescape gold for sale right now to wait and enjoy the big events this February.

    Happy New Year!In order to celebrate the New Year 2017, RS3gold offers up to 10% off for runescape 3 gold &OSRS Gold from Jan.17 to Feb.12,2017.

    Invention: Hammer & Tinderbox in game

    As a matter of fact, this content is valid for runescape membership and f2p players can’t enjoy the Hammer and Tinderbox in game. If you gathered enough inspiration to unlock the necessary blueprints, you can craft the Hammer-tron and Tinderbox-o-matic. You can augment the crystal tinderbox and hammer either.

    Runescape 15 – Year Veteran Cape

    You may already have heard some information about the 15 – year Veteran Cape. Jagex would be nothing without its loyal fans, so for those of you who’ve been with the game for 15 years or more, you’ll have chance to gain a brand-new veteran cape in the works. The first of you will be able to get your hands on it from the 23rd of February.

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    Since so many new contents are available in game, you must need to buy cheap runescape gold to cope with these new challenges. RS3gold provides 100% handmade runescape gold cheap without any bots or macros which promised no harm to your game account.

    Make ready to augment the Hammer and Tinderbox in game. And Wear the 15 – year Veteran Cape proudly. Most importantly – keep enjoying the game and buy cheap runescape gold with up to 10% off at RS3gold immediately.

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