SPECIAL FEATURE: Sinister, Seven Psychopaths, and Argo

SPECIAL FEATURE: Sinister, Seven Psychopaths, and Argo

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  1. I see a lot of films but I haven’t seen more than a couple of new films in one weekend in a while.  October 12, 2012 changed that, though.  Sinister, Seven Psychopaths, and Argo all released that day, all of which intrigued me.  I normally review films I see in theaters only on my personal website (except Looper), but here are some quick reviews of these three films.

    SINISTER (horror/thriller written and directed by Scott Derrickson)

    The Good:  The scares are intense and frequent.  The film also makes some interesting statements about film as an artform.  Is film itself evil?  How does it affect the pliable minds of children?  Things like that.  It also has a wonderful little twist that very few will see coming.  And "Mr. Boogie" or "Bagul" or whatever you want to call him is a terrifying image.

    The Bad:  The film doesn’t explain a lot about the occult nature of its narrative.  I imagine others are like me and want to know how this whole Bagul thing started.  Also, what does the son’s night terrors have to do with anything?

    Nolan’s Grade:  B+

    SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (dark comedy/crime drama written and directed by Martin McDonagh)

    The Good:  The story is ridiculously smart and witty.  It ties together a fake screenplay (that one of the characters is writing) with real life (well, the movie’s reality) in such a way that allows the film to comment on itself and the crime genre in general.  It is also darkly comedic with some of the more memorable characters you’ll come across in film this year.  Woody Harrelson is especially memorable as the brutal mob boss that loves his Shih Tzu enough to kill for it.

    The Bad:  This film takes a little while to get into.  It starts out slow and isn’t quite as funny as the trailers make you think it will be.  Some people may be turned off to it because of its dark tone, but that’s Martin McDonagh for you.

    Nolan’s Grade:  A-

    ARGO (thriller written by Chris Terrio and directed by Ben Affleck)

    The Good:  Everything is good about this film.  Most notably, the story is beyond riveting.  The tension is palpable from the first shot and Affleck doesn’t let up.  We know it’s based on a true story, so you assume you know what will happen with "the houseguests" at the end, but Argo makes you question that until the very end.  It also makes some hilariously true jabs at Hollywood (the comic relief is welcomed and much needed because of the intensity for the rest of the film).

    The Bad:  There isn’t really anything bad, but I was not blown away by the acting of Affleck and some others.  While Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, and a few others are great, Affleck is just okay and so are the houseguests that he is sent it to save.  Also, the character development isn’t as good as it could be.  Affleck’s character is given a son and estranged wife as a ploy to make the audience feel for him more… what a cliche (I know this is probably true in real life, but this is BASED on a true story so make it more original).  I could get behind that idea if his son and wife mattered to the plot of the film… but they don’t!  Like I said, not bad but I wasn’t blown away by the acting or character development.

    Nolan’s Grade:  A

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