SUGARFISH Sushi: Extraordinary Sushi Everyday

SUGARFISH Sushi: Extraordinary Sushi Everyday

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  1. Sugarfish

    (Image source: SUGARFISH Website)

    Have you ever tried a sushi restaurant where the food almost literally melted in your mouth? SUGARFISH sushi restaurant does just that. Between the simplicity in the menu and the freshness of the fish, SUGARFISH gives an uncommonly fresh and filling experience that will change how you think about sushi.

    "Trust Me" Philosophy

    Excellence is their motto, so why not trust them? If you go to SUGARFISH sushi you really only have three choices of menu (if you’re at all on the same level as their fantastic sushi chefs): Trust Me, Trust Me Lite, and the Nozawa.

    The Trust Me menu includes organic edamame, tuna sashimi, albacore sushi (2 pieces), salmon sushi (2 pieces), yellowtail sushi (2 pieces), halibut sushi (2 pieces), a toro hand roll, and a blue crab hand roll. The trust me lite menu include sonly one hand roll, and only one piece of each sushi set. The Nozawa includes snapper sushi (2 pieces) and the "daily special" (2 pieces).

    They disclose that "Almost everyone orders one of the three Trust Me’s."

    Sushi in all of its simplicity as an art form

    Instead of hiding the fish in complicated sauces and tempura bases, the quality of the ingredients is highlighted with light complements like ponzu sauce or toasted sesame seeds. Since their menu is small, they have really mastered the preparation of every fish on it. The rice is warm and loosely packed as opposed to other sticky rice that can be chewy and take away from the experience of the texture of the fish. They encourage you to eat your rolls right away in order to enjoy the seaweed at its best, and that you should not dip your fish in soy sauce unless you are eating the sweet shrimp. Special orders are not tolerated – eat what they give you. Trust them.

    SUGARFISH sushi is located in three locations: Brentwood, Downtown and Marina Del Rey.

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