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  1. The latest (and lengthy) State of the Game letter has been published on the Neverwinter site. In it, fans and players are taken on a journey back in time to review development milestones since the game launched before taking a look ahead into 2016. Interestingly, the letter acknowledges that Neverwinter had lost its focus but that 2016 will see great development with an eye firmly on the goals set out by the team and by its community.

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    We stumbled with our vision and lost some of the fun. We reacted more than planned. Our Elemental Evil update didn’t deliver what we set out to build. There is a great story there and fantastic new adventures and encounters, but they were hidden behind systems designed smooth out some power curves, progression and allow for more growth in the future. The level cap increase was cumbersome and didn’t feel quite right. We were working to our goals and we hit them functionally, but we lost the spirit just enough to make it not fun to play the content. We were able to rally the team and community to find what we misplaced and get back the Neverwinter we all love.

    Neverwinter will see key improvements and attention given to several systems including powers, classes, economies and communication, all through feedback from the community and the ongoing analysis of data. Other areas of focus are: end game, rewards, guilds, professions and bug fixes. These will be implemented according to a priority list each cycle.

    First up for class and power improvements are the Warlock and the Paladin, both of which will be making their way to the PTS in the near future. Players will be asked to provide feedback to assist in the creation of a priority list for each. The Hunter Ranger and Trickster Rogue will also be present and players will begin to provide feedback for the next development cycle.

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