​SWTOR Datacrons Are for Legacies, Gaining Once for All Characters Will Be Expected

​SWTOR Datacrons Are for Legacies, Gaining Once for All Characters Will Be Expected

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  1. Have you ever got bored of grabbing datacrons with great effort but only benefit one character? Here you can get the good news that Swtor Developers are looking to put Legacy-wide Datacrons into Knights of the Fallen Empire. And if all goes right, you will be allowed to only gain Datacrons once to boost the stats of all your character! Excited about it? Follow Swtor2credits to know more details.

    Function of Datacrons and plan to make them for Legacies

    Swtor Datacrons are an optional element in the game, allowing players to find out and interacts with. As rewards, players can get some character stats boosts, such as strength, willpower, etc without paying additional swtor credits. Basically, per gaining of certain datacrons gives the benefit to only one of your characters. Later on August 11, Bioware announced that the developers are planning to make datacrons for legacies, meaning that rather than multiple times’ effort, players will only need to do them one time for all characters.

    Situations demand Bioware to look into legacy wide datacrons

    1. The difficulty to get Datacrons: Datacrons are hidden throughout the galaxy in SWTOR and even if located, they may also require a group effort to obtain. Players would enjoy doing it for the bonus, but some are a bit more bothersome, particularly the ones that require a partner (or worse, the one on the Fleet), where being able to get them is based solely on whether you are “lucky” enough to find people willing to help. Thus, it has been years since players first asked for legacy wide datacrons. It should be at least worth to collect in the first place.

    2. KOTFE new primary stat changes: The plan of making relevant operations and changing crafting was introduced on Swtor2credits before, and now Bioware shown another decision to remove primary stats in Knights of the Fallen Empire and use new stats that called “mastery” to represent the main stats for every class. In this case, players speculate that Bioware’s plan on datacrons may be taken out to match with the new primary stat changes. Whether this is the case or no, it’s the perfect opportunity to give players what they’ve been asking for years while also taking advantage of the state changes.

    Possible benefits that be gained from legacy wide datacrons

    Since class stats are changing, all mainstat crons are going to be Mastery. This means there are 4x more datacrons available to min/max, and because there are four times as many to collect, players no longer have to collect all of them on EVERY toon, but only the whole set once. This is great for new players, who can choose to collect them all on one toon, or older players who have already min/maxed every class and don’t have to go back and get the rest of them.

    However, we don’t know which datacrons will be for legacies yet. Whether all the existing datacrons will be made legacy-wide, or KotFE will have new, additional datacrons and they will be legacy-wide? Stay tuned on Swtor2credits for up-to-date information. Meanwhile, don’t miss Swtor2credits 50,000k Swtor Credits Giveaway and grab some for further exploration in game!

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