​SWTOR Datamined Forums Limited, KOTFE Crafting & Other Contents Become Worrying

​SWTOR Datamined Forums Limited, KOTFE Crafting & Other Contents Become Worrying

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  1. Recently, Swtor community manager Eric announced a limit on official forums: posts about datamining, datamined information, or any other unreleased KotFE information will not be allowed. It is likely that after swtor gamescom cantina 2015 info, players won’t get any more information about the expansion until it approaches, which cause players’ worries about what contents will be provided, as well as whether decorations can be remained after crafting was changed.

    Bioware against datamining on the forums

    It is no secret that Bioware is being seriously tight lipped about details in Knights of the Fallen Empire. And days before, even more harsh measure was taken to limit players’ exposure to information about the expansion. “Discussion of datamining, datamined information, or any other unreleased KotFE information is distinctly against our forum rules”, officially shown on forum. There have been some players whose posts were deleted due to this reason. In addition, someone from reddit told that he got a suspension for pointing out some related information.

    Why Bioware is being stingy with information about KotFE? Is it his purpose to generate interest and make money, or to shroud Kotfe in mystery to provide players a fresh experience? Some players told that Bioware’s behavior to limit information makes KOTFE like NGE, in which contents revealed too late to fix when they were unwelcomed. To be fair, it is pardonable that the officials against datamining on the forums, as things can change. However, things would be better if there are words like “we’re looking at the update after we finish KotFE for new ops but of course that is very much subject to change.” Thus, even if it gets pushed back, that would do a lot to calm people, so long as players can see that they were honest about things changing.

    Worries on Kotfe contents and crafting decorations

    Since the limit was taken to forums, players show more worries on new expansion contents: ?How will the changed stats be working, how will the schematics work as most of them are gone or obsolete, will some of their companions be gone, and how about the companions’ affection…

    Besides, among various changes on crafting, there are some obsolete materials like Prehistoric Artifact Fragment, Bacterial Strain, and more. As a result, there is another concern about what will happen to their matching gathering decoration. Will they stay? Will they remain harvestable for 1 universal mat? Will they remove them from the list of decorations and hence waste the efforts and swotr credits of acquiring them? Or will they remain as available decorations but won’t ever be able to acquire more?

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