​SWTOR Gamescom Cantina Info: Make Operations Relevant & Big Crafting Change

​SWTOR Gamescom Cantina Info: Make Operations Relevant & Big Crafting Change

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  1. SWTOR Gamescom Cantina Info: Make Operations Relevant & Big Crafting Change

    After getting some understanding about?Swtor Outlander character?from EA gamescom, we can now get hands to more information in SWTOR Gamescom Cantina Tour Q&A. Among various questions and answers, there are some important points about operation, crafting, and companion in knights of fallen empire. Check it out below.

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    SWTOR flashpoints/operations will be relevant

    The announcement about?no new operation provided in Fallen Empire?caused lingering sadness among players. Although Bioware are scaling all flashpoints and operations to max level and provides solo mode for some flashpoints, players are eager for new contents. To give an explanation, Bioware told in Q&A that they are planning to make all flashpoints and operations relevant no matter the level. Thus, even when more levels are added later, they will always be relevant. “By doing this rescaling now, we are paving the road to add future ops/flashpoints”, shown by the video from Gamescom Cantina Tour.

    Big changes will be coming with crafting

    With restructuring of the companions, players voice much concern on crafting. To pacify players, Bioware told that since companions work into crafting, big changes will come soon with crafting, which will be announced later in a blog post. Besides, based on the fact that some players are trying to max crafting for Fallen Empire, the officials indicated that all of the crafting are restructured to allow low level players to get useable mats from high level nodes and vice versa.

    Nico Okarr available for subscribers by July 31/August 10

    Previously,?Nico Okarr?availability window was announced to be extended from July 31 to August 10. Due to this change, players are confused whether they can get Nico Okarr or not if they only subscribe on July 31, but don’t on August 10. For clarify, Eric Musco confirmed that you can either sub by July 31 or August 10 to get it. Besides, Nico Okarr is now only available as a sub reward, but some players speculated that it may be on cartel market since it has never been mentioned as “exclusive” companion. If so, players who miss the specific date to sub would get the chance of getting one, though, it must not be cheap considering the cost for subscribers.

    Melee won’t be total worthless in operations

    It is a long-lived issue that melee is at a disadvantage compared with raged dps in current operations. In the Q&A, Bioware explained that it is unintentional to make bosses melee unfriendly. The Ziost operation boss is very ranged unfriendly for example. Besides, they mentioned a way to test bosses – have a group full of melee and a group full of ranged. If the full melee group can’t beat the boss, drawing board will begin. Thus, with the way to test bosses, melee classes won’t be so worthless.

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