​SWTOR Season 6 PvP Rewards Teaser Highlights the Battle Flag of Recognition

​SWTOR Season 6 PvP Rewards Teaser Highlights the Battle Flag of Recognition

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  1. SWTOR Season 6 PvP Rewards Teaser Highlights the Battle Flag of Recognition

    A nearly month after Ranked Arena Season 6 came with SWTOR Patch 3.3, BioWare just posted a tears on the upcoming PVP rewards for Season 6 in Star Wars: The old Republic. This is a season for the predacious pvper. Accompanying the brutal action are a brand new Reward Systems and some amazing rewards including the exclusive Battle Flag of Recognition, some titles and other items. Catch up or refresh yourself with the details here!

    Season 6 rewards highlight the Battle Flag of Recognition

    SWTOR Season 6 - Battle Flag of Recognition

    A brand new tier exclusive item – The Battle Flag of Recognition will be provided as pvp rewards for predators from any tier of Bronze, Silver or Gold version. The battle flag item can be used to place a holo-flag over a fallen enemy in either appreciation of the honorable fight or recognition of the user’s supreme skill.Have been touched by the exclusive reward? Start to buy cheap swtor credits and try your best to stand out on the battle field.

    Details about the pvp ratings and the related rewards & tokens

    1. Bronze Tier (1000-1349): Bronze Season 6 Battleflag of Recognition, Bronze Season 6 Trophy Frame Decoration, 5,400 Season 6 Tokens

    2. Silver Tier (1350-1599): Silver Season 6 Battleflag of Recognition, Silver Season 6 Trophy Frame Decoration, 26,000 Season 6 Tokens

    3. Gold Tier (1600+): GoldSeason 6 Battleflag of Recognition, GoldSeason 6 Trophy Frame Decoration, 144,400 Season 6 Tokens

    4. Top 3 per Class World Wide: “Apex Advanced Class Character Name” Title, Every Tier Reward from Previous Tiers (Does not include tokens), 144,400 Season 6 Tokens

    SWTOR Season 6 PvP Rewards Teaser

    In addition to the attractive Battle Flag of Recognition, Giradda will also offer you Trophy Frame Decoration, unique Titles (Tier 1 Title “Character Name”, Tier 2 Title “Head Hunter Character Name”, Tier 3 Title “Predator Character Name”), Ranked Black-Silver Striated Color Crystal Lockbox, Predacious Weapon Set, Predacious Gold Green Color Crystal Lockbox, and Predacious Vehicle Mount.

    New rewards system provides convenience in the whole season

    Apart from those rewards, players will get a new rewards system that grants Season-specific tokens to replace specific item rewards for reaching a certain rating. In this way, players can use the tokens to purchase the ranked rewards after the season has ended. Besides, players a certain amount of Comms based on their performance medals, which will create a distinction between just playing and playing well. With these improvements, players would be encouraged to join in the whole length of the season and continually to compete at a higher skill level.

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