Safewow 10% off blade and soul gold is your best gift for Your Favorite Costume Back

Safewow 10% off blade and soul gold is your best gift for Your Favorite Costume Back

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  1. Hello, players in Blade & Soul! What is your favorite costume in BNS? Does it still be available to purchase in the Hongmoon Store? If not, don’t worry. NCSOFT has made a voting to help your favorite costume come back to the Hongmoon Store for a limited time. Now, Safewow which offers cheap blade & soul gold, tells you how to get your favorite costumes back.

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    vote on bns costumes

    What costumes are available to vote on?
    There are totally 9 costumes are available for you to vote on. They are Dreamcutter, School Days, Spring Breeze, Black Padded Coat, Devotion, Best Friend, Light / Dark Specter, Cobalt Captain, and White Night.

    How long will the voting last?
    Voting for your favorite costume will be available from June 29 to July 13, 2016.

    How to vote for your favorite costume?
    This voting is done in-game through the Survey window which could be found in the lower right. It’s multiple-choice, so just feel free to vote for as many as you like. After the voting period ends NCSOFT will tally the results, and then they will announce the top 4 costumes available for purchase from the Hongmoon Store.

    Why does NCSOFT hold this voting?
    NCSOFT regularly rotates costumes in and out of the Hongmoon Store, and even brings some back from time to time. But if there’s that one costume that just got away, this might be your chance to vote and bring it back for a limited time.

    Once the voting comes to an end, NCSOFT will announce the top 4 costumes shortly before they become available. So go in game, vote, and then stay tuned to see which costumes will become the winners! By the way, Safewow offers a 10% off code “JUNE10” for blade and soul buying gold with limited time, too. Hurry up to buy more cheap blade and soul gold with less money. Have fun!

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