Safewow 10% off blade and soul gold spring sale with BNS Mobile Card Battler and IOS coming in China

Safewow 10% off blade and soul gold spring sale with BNS Mobile Card Battler and IOS coming in China

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  1. Good news. Blade & Soul players can now enjoy the game even if you are on the road – Tencent has released the app version in China (Android available on March 7 and iOS comes March 10). However, called “Fight! Blade & Soul”, this new fix is not only opened to Chinese players, but for all who don’t mind the language barrier.

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    Blade & Soul Mobile and IOS version

    All bns fans, now you can get the chance of enjoying your beloved game on mobile devices. Earlier on March 7, Blade & Soul Mobile has launched in China for Android devices, and the release for iOS version is later on March 10. Renamed as “Fight! Blade & Soul”, the game is published by a Chinese company that called Tencent, but not by NCSoft in their home country. As a result, there are all Chinese subtitles in the game. But if you don’t mind the language barrier, you can also download the game from the official site.
    Blade & Soul mobile is a card game

    Based on the Blade & Soul, however, the Blade & Soul Mobile is not a MMORPG, but a simple Collectible Card Game set in the Blade & Soul universe. Basically, in “Fight! Blade & Soul”, players collect character cards, upgrade them, and use them in battles. Made with the Unity engine, the game hired over 51 famous artist from Japan and Korea, featuring cute animated characters, short cutscenes, and animated card battles against a computer opponent. Here you will see 500 different cards and all the familiar characters from Blade & Soul. Each character has its own unique skill that need to be activated manually.

    Besides the game mode, the background story of Blade and Soul Mobile is also different from the original Blade and Soul. It is more funny – the main character needs to find true love. If you have interest in it, just take action now. Safewow offers cheap blade & soul gold to help you in new exploration!

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