Safewow Christmas neverwinter astral diamonds Promo is waiting for you

Safewow Christmas neverwinter astral diamonds Promo is waiting for you

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  1. Recently, there is a rumor that sudden rings would last 20 seconds on Neverwinter companions PC. No one knows if it is true. But it is still necessary to find a right legendary active companions for DPS. You can also buy Neverwinter items and companions cheap from Safewow.

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    Ring of Brutality effects last 8 seconds and proc every 30 seconds

    As we all know, the Ring of Brutality can give players 4000 power for 8 seconds. And it procs every 30 seconds. That is to say, after the companion gives you 4000 power for 8 seconds, you need to wait another 22 seconds before getting the ring proc again. But if your companion dies, this timer resets.

    Sudden rings would last 20 seconds on Neverwinter PC companions

    It is said that sudden rings would last 20 seconds on companions. For PC Neverwinter players, it will be useful to collect the good gear, like the Ring of the Loyal Avenger. Here are some candidates for a legendary active companion.

    1. Shadow Demon: it is viable for group content. With the Loyal Avenger gear and all the slots, it would be easy to take it to legendary. However, it has no ring slots for a Sudden Underdark ring in spite of the active bonus.

    2. Air Archon: it would be free up a companion slot for something else, like Siege Master, but it cannot be able to contribute a lot of dps.

    3. Con Artist: he can give players a nice group buff so that he becomes more and more popular. It would be expensive to level and a net loss in personal dps. It is a better choice to equip him with a Brutality +4, Loyal Avenger ring and Sudden Defense +4.

    4. Slyblade Kobold: the active bonus look useful with his equipment. As for DPS he can contribute, you need to test more.

    Do you want any useful Neverwinter companions for PC? You might as well to buy cheap neverwinter items from Safewow. We have various kinds of Neverwinter companions and items for sale. Besides, you can use the discount code “ITEM” to place order and save 10%.

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