Safewow New Vip Promo:Up to 10% extra discount wow gold in 2017 new year

Safewow New Vip Promo:Up to 10% extra discount wow gold in 2017 new year

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  1. WOW Patch 7.1.5 has been released. As scheduled, Micro-holidays and legendary items changes also go live in Legion. But shockingly, additional 25 artifact traits were disabled in WOW 7.1.5. Instead, those artifact traits will be re-enabled once WOW PvP Season 3 begins.

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    35+ Artifact Traits were disabled in WOW PvP Season 2

    It’s well-known that character progression is a core element of World of Warcraft, including PvP, and that empowering Artifact is a key part of character progression. But to close the gap between players who hadn’t made much progress on their Artifact yet and those with additional Artifact traits, the additional 35 Artifact traits were disabled in Season 2.

    35+ Artifact Traits planned to be enable in 7.1.5

    As scheduled, Patch 7.1.5 would introduce some new ways to make players catch u their Artifact progression quickly:

    1. New players advance up to Artifact Knowledge level 15 without any research time;

    2. Existing players mail Artifact Knowledge Compendiums to alts, which immediately bring them as high as level 20.

    In addition, here is a guide from 7.1.5 PTR to catch up to level 20 with Artifact Knowledge Compendium.

    At this point, the power gap can be closed rapidly, and WOW Patch 7.1.5 would be the best chance to enable additional Artifact Traits. But things are not quite that simple.

    WOW additional Artifact Traits were disabled once again in 7.1.5

    Few hours ago, Blizzard disabled addition 35 Artifact Traits in Legion, because they don’t think that the middle of an ongoing season is the right time to make this change. And all those additional WOW Artifact Traits will be re-enabled once Season 3 goes live.

    Besides, Blizzard also announced that WOW Patch 7.2 will add something new in the Artifact system, in order to make it highly valuable to spent Artifact Power on those traits. As we reported before, you should never stop to collect up Artifact Power in Patch 7.2.

    WOW additional Artifact Traits will go live in Season 3. Go back to the game and collect Atifact Power for it now! Wowtoes as the best place to buy wow gold will be with you all the time!

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