Safewow Vip systerm will get extra 10% discount wow gold in 2017 new year

Safewow Vip systerm will get extra 10% discount wow gold in 2017 new year

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  1. Recently, the weirdest twist of a story is that Nostalrius team required Elysium to stop using the Vanilla WOW code that they released to the latter team. Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it is about official legacy realms.

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    Nostalrius has stopped the account transfer process to Elysium

    It was announced that Nostalrius Server returned on dec 17 with database and fresh-start server. Yes, they did it already. But changes took place in the story. The Nostalrius team has posted a request to the Elysium team to stop using the World of Warcraft code that it has released to them. And also, they have already stopped the account transfer process as a first step.

    Why would Nostalrius do that for Legacy fans and WOW community?

    Initially, Nostalrius aimed to achieve official WOW Legacy servers from Blizzard and help as much as they can to unify the WOW community together. But as things go, the main objective was missed.

    First, when the petition to WOW Legacy servers was came up, there were 300,000 people to vote for it. But only 10% of the former Nostalrius players have generated a token to join Elysium. Such a result is likely to indicate this project failed, and they need to reconsider it now.

    Second, the decision to release our source code and character database to Elysium actually made their initial goal harder to achieve. It carries the hope of the legacy community but moving from “fan server” to “pirate server”.

    Nostalrius’ plan for World of Warcraft Legacy servers

    They have already demonstrated that there is a true desire for Legacy WoW content. Currently, the Nostalrius team has stopped the account transfer process and asked Elysium to stop to use their data. And then they will devote themselves to making an official legacy realms, instead of private servers. And they will find the proper to please WoW community as a whole in the future.

    For the break-off of Nostalrius Vanilla WOW, would Blizzard reconsider to bring up the legacy servers in this game? Never mind. Everything will be settled finally. Now just come back to WOW and prepare for Nighthold raid release on Jan 17! If you need, you can buy gold wow on our site at any time!

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