Safewow cheap wow gold for Vip:Legion Developer Q/A Recap onJanuary 12

Safewow cheap wow gold for Vip:Legion Developer Q/A Recap onJanuary 12

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  1. Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit sat down with Josh “Lore” Allen and we learned some interesting information. Timewalking raids are in the works and Patch 7.2 is hitting test realms soon.

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    Blizzard keeps monitoring items that are too expensive and adjusts the cost.
    Specifically, Tome of the Tranquil MindTome of the Tranquil Mind was mentioned as being too expensive.

    No plans to add any new bosses to the Brawler’s Guild this expansion.
    The difficulty curve is good as early bosses are accessible by most players and later encounters prove to be more challenging.
    No Boss Health adjustments have been made for specific specializations.
    The team is happy with primary profession quests involving dungeons.
    Materials aren’t cheap in Legion, because they need to be gathered as there is no Garrison. Another contributing factor that affects prices is banning botters.

    Rank 3 recipes could be made less rare at the end of Legion.
    Having a rank 3 recipe helps players make a little more profit.
    There’s no problem with RNG and rank 3 recipes, you can still craft that item even if you don’t have it.

    ObliterumObliterum upgrades help to keep crafted gear relevant.
    With increasing item level on gear, crafted items need to stay relevant throughout the expansion.
    Patch 7.1.5 added Engineering Goggles.
    Patch 7.2 will add many new recipes for both primary and secondary professions.
    There will be no items that will help you reroll secondary stats on crafted gear. If you need different stats you have to craft another item.
    A third slot for a gathering profession is something considered, but players that want an additional slot just don’t want to get rid of their existing professions.

    Is here to make content from two or more expansions relevant again.
    The devs are discussing an item level increase on Timewalked gear.
    No Scholomance during MoP Timewalking, it revolves around MoP dungeons situated in Pandaria.
    The team hasn’t considered to bring Vanilla Timewalking as the content isn’t challenging and tuned for max level players.
    It doesn’t mean it couldn’t be added in the future, but it’s not a priority right now.
    Timewalking Raids are coming in the future.

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