Safewow is your best site to buy Tree of Savior silver and Retrieve SA Server Market Items now

Safewow is your best site to buy Tree of Savior silver and Retrieve SA Server Market Items now

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  1. Today, IMC announced that they are taking requests for team transfers to the upcoming SA server. Here Safewow helps you analyze what will be changed and affected after you transfer your server to SA server. And, Safewow offers cheapest Tree of Savior Silver and the most convenient delivery method.

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    When is the deadline?
    The deadline for submitting transfer requests to the SA server is May 1st, 23:59 EDT.

    Who can transfer server to SA server?
    According to the announcement of IMC, only the players on Klaipeda or Orsha may request transfers to the SA server. But players on Fedimian and Telsiai have no need to be upset, the location of Fedimian and Telsiai servers will be moved to Germany and Singapore respectively later.

    What will be changed?
    For the Token users, after transferring to the SA server, your benefits will not be changed, and will be carried over with your team because the Token data is tied to it. And your Token time will be compensated with your lost hours.
    What’s more, for all the players, your Skill, Attributes, Title, Achievement, Collection and Equipped Items will not be changed. But you need to reset your friends list.

    How will the Market will be affected?
    During the transfer, the server will be down temporarily, and your items may get lost. So, you need to stop using the Market to get silver 2 to 3 days before the transfer date. And to apply for the server transfer service, you need to retrieve both items listed to sell and items bought from the market.

    You may still play the game during the request period, and there are days four days before the deadline. So hurry up to list your items in the Auction House to get cheapest Tree of Savior Silver from Safewow now. Welcome!

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