Safewow is your leight site to buy astral diamonds ps4 enjoying Firemane Lockbox

Safewow is your leight site to buy astral diamonds ps4 enjoying Firemane Lockbox

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  1. The gates have officially opened for Neverwinter on PlayStation?4! Step foot into the Forgotten Realms to begin your adventure across ruined cities, sweeping fields and fiery mountains. Fantasy MMORPGs have never looked so good.

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    Alongside the Firemane Lockbox’s release the trade bar store will also be receiving an update including an epic Turmish Lion mount. Unlike the golden lion figurines this is no magical creature but a primal beast raised from cubhood as a dependable mount. Its passive Ferocity ability has a chance to grant its owner a stack of ferocity whenever they or a party member takes damage. Ferocity may stack up to 3 times, each stack granting 2% additional damage as physical damage. Another minor update to the trade bar store includes the addition of dusk boots. For those who have yet to complete their set, it is now available in the trade bar store in its entirety.

    The various packs and caches featured with this lockbox have also seen a number of updates since our last lockbox, with only the Wanderer’s Artifact Weapon Pack returning untouched. The new artifact pack—Nobanion’s Artifact Pack—features a chance at the Black Ice Beholder, Lantern of Revelation, Rod of Imperial Restraint, Greater Cloak of Black Ice, Greater Belt of Black Ice and the Greater Imperial Waistband of Honor. Unlike previous artifact packs it now also features a chance at a Greater Mark of Potency and a Preservation Ward.

    The new artisan’s profession pack no longer features a chance at the Forgehammer of Gond, however, for the first time we are releasing legendary tools other than the Forgehammer! These tools can be used to further enhance the chance of obtaining high quality results in profession tasks. The Firemane Companion Pack also features an overhaul with the addition of a chance to earn an epic Wayward Wizard, Man at Arms or an Apprentice Healer.

    Insignias are back as well, this time things have been simplified with a single Firemane Insignia Pack taking the place of 5 specialized packs. Just like with previous incarnations a new assortment of insignias await you, each box contains one epic insignia and two rare insignias. The enchantment cache will also receive an update. The newly minted Demonic Enchantment Cache features a chance at a shadowclad, dread and demonic enchantment. Last but not least, a new stronghold focused box—the Regal Stronghold Pack—will now rarely appear, loaded with 2-3 epic vouchers of highly sought after currencies.

    The Firemane Lockbox will be launching with the Guild Alliances update. We look forward to seeing you put the golden lions through their paces and discovering all of the Firemane Lockbox’s many other treasures soon!

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