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  1. Final Fantasy XV has been in development for nearly a decade; and as a result, has undergone a multitude of changes. But among these changes, what has transformed the most is the game’s combat system. First available to us via Episode Duscae in 2014, combat has changed in a myriad of ways throughout the various playable builds. Below you can find the major ways combat has evolved since its first public playable build.

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    Episode Duscae gave us our first taste of FFXV’s combat, offering a glimpse at Noctis’ multi-blade fighting style. This early iteration focused on equipping weapons to particular instances of a combo. For example, you could assign a spear to the opening blow of Noctis’ combo, and then assign a sword to the flurry of attacks that followed.

    Depending on the weapons you assigned to these particular instances in a combo, you could change Noctis’ fighting style in interesting ways. You could assign a Greatsword to your primary attack flurry, but open up your combo with a swift strike from your sword; or you could even equip Noctis with light weapons but use a heavy weapon for his air attack. This system emphasized experimentation, allowing you to mix and match different weapons to create a customized combo tailored to how you wanted to fight.

    While this combat system was subtly altered with some minor balance adjustments via the Episode Duscae 2.0 patch, it was completely overhauled in the Platinum Demo. In that build, Noctis brandished multiple weapons, each with their own particular set of attacks and animations, and he manually switched between them mid-combo. Warp strike was also given a randomized damage bonus multiplier. The combat system in this build is the same as the final preview build of the game, albeit with small changes, such as a switching the lock-on button and altering the Armiger’s attack animations.


    Weapons function similarly across all builds with each type retaining its overall feel and attack animations. However, slight alterations were made as the builds went on. Episode Duscae’s 2.0 patch added the ability to perform variations to a weapon’s attacks depending on the direction you were holding. For example, if you held forward, you could perform lunge attacks with your sword; or if you held back with the greatsword, you could do a charge strike. The Platinum Demo added more weapon types, allowing for more variety to the arsenal than swords and spears.

    The final preview build implements these changes, while adding in enemy resistances that makes foes invulnerable against certain weapon types but weak against others. However, a major feature that didn’t make it to later builds was the Techniques from Episode Duscae, which were powerful special attacks tied to weapons in your arsenal that consumed MP.

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