Safewow offer 9% off neverwinter astral diamonds for PvP Solo Queue Event

Safewow offer 9% off neverwinter astral diamonds for PvP Solo Queue Event

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  1. We’re introducing a solo queue for PvP on #NWPC for one week. During this time, adventurers will be able to brawl in matches made only of those queueing solo
    You asked, we listened! There has been a large amount of feedback considering the unfair match-ups where solo-queued players would battle a pre-made party, often resulting in less than favorable results for the solo players.

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    Due to this, we’re introducing a solo queue for PvP where level 70 adventurers can queue for Domination without needing to worry about pre-made groups. Only players who queue alone can join these solo matches, which will contain a more balanced field.

    The PvP Solo Queue will only run from 9/8-9/15 on PC! We decided to run the event for a week to collect data from matches that happen during this time so we can determine our next steps. Please help us spread the word to all PvP fanatics in helping us test this new feature. We can’t wait to see the new strategies that will take place.
    The Neverwinter servers on PS4, Xbox One and PC are now back online, Cryptic Studios has confirmed. There was no reason given for the outage, athough the team have confirmed that today’s scheduled maintenance will be going ahead at 3pm, BST.

    Neverwinter, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Cryptic Studios and released by Perfect World Entertainment, first went offline at around 2am, BST.

    It has since been confirmed by the Neverwinter support team, who have been busy keeping fans informed on its current server status.

    “We’re aware of the server issues and are currently investigating,” a message from the Neverwinter team explains.

    “Our wizards are still in the midst of investigating. It may take more than an hour to bring the servers back up.”

    And a recent message has confirmed that the game will likely not be back online until at least 7:30am, UK time.

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