Safewow offer free neverwinter astral diamonds giveaway for Mod 10 Sea of Moving Ice coming tomorrow

Safewow offer free neverwinter astral diamonds giveaway for Mod 10 Sea of Moving Ice coming tomorrow

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  1. Neverwinter Sea of Moving Ice is coming on console this Tuesday. This guide will give you an overview of upcoming changes to the game. Meanwhile, you should miss Safewow free Neverwinter Astral Diamonds for sale on January 18.

    Sea of Moving Ice Zone: the new zone is a loose connection of 7 large and 10-12 smaller icebergs. It features open world sailing and fishing, as well as the intro questline and weekly amd daily quests. The intro questline will grant you your new unrestored artifact weapons.

    Total 30,000K neverwinter astral diamonds Giveaway for Sea of Moving Ice at 03:00 AM on Jan 18, 2017 GMT.

    50 portions for PC, 50 portions for Xbox One, and the other 50 portions for PS4. Each portion is 200K Astral Diamonds.?

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    Open sea and fishing: Right at the start you will be given a khyek outrigger boat for travel between the icebergs. Work hard and you’ll get a better one. Besides, you don’t need to be faster than a dragon turtle, but faster than the guy in a khyek next to you.

    Fishing Mini-game: Apply a bait to your fishing rod and wait for a fish bait. If you are enough lucky, you may catch a bottle with a treasure map. Besides, fishing is always doing in the marked zone, where you can get higher rank fish, and each of zones features unique fish drops.

    New Trial: Assault on Svardborg is a level 70 trial only available on Storm King’s Thunder Campaign. The epic assault against Jarl Storvald requires 10 adventurers totally.

    Treasure Hunting: in Sea of Moving Ice, you will come across bottles (unbound) which can open for a treasure map (character-bound). Match up the image on the map with a place and start digging. The loot includes but is not limited to Black Opals, Blood Rubies, relic weapon RP, Dragon Turtle Moult, higher quality khyek, fish… fishing for treasures should be the best way to make Astral Diamonds Necerwinter.

    Extended Storm King’s Thunder Campaign: the extended campaign is similar to Tyranny of Dragons. That means you will be able to invest up to 3 points into the last boon category. The last boon will cost 37000 Voninblood, 60 Runic Pieces and will require 800 Bryn Shander Reputation.

    Storm King’s Thunder Sea of Moving Ice will be released on Xbox and PS4. We hope the guide is helpful for you. To fully experience this new content, you can buy neverwinter astral diamonds xbox one or PS4 in advance, in addition to free neverwinter astral diamonds to snap up!

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