Safewow provide free neverwinter ps4 astral diamonds giveaway as Call to Arms Events coming

Safewow provide free neverwinter ps4 astral diamonds giveaway as Call to Arms Events coming

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  1. August Neverwinter Call to Arms events are running in PS4, XBOX ONE and PC, you can enjoy the call to arms and double weekend events fast to upgrade characters and get some special mount, companion, enchantments and more. Another, the currency Medallions of Battle you can use it exchange unique event items in Protector’s Enclave.

    Happy news for neverwinter PS4 fans,Safewow will offer Summer Event for free 75M neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 PC/XB giveaway at 03:00 AM GMT on Aug. 24, 2016.

    50 portions of 500k Neverwinter Astral Diamonds PS4
    50 portions of 500k Neverwinter Astral Diamonds PC
    50 portions of 500k Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Xbox

    The link:

    Welcome to join safewow 2016 Happy Wednesday for 10% off neverwinter astral diamonds and neverwinter items on 2016 every Wednesday(10% off code:WED)

    CTA and Double Weekend Event Times

    Begins: Thursday, August 11 at 10AM PT (Pacific)

    Ends: Monday, August 15 at 10AM PT (Pacific)

    Neverwinter PS4 CTA: Gate Crasher Arrives / 2x XP and 15% Pack sale weekend!

    Special rewards: Intellect Devourer, Bluefire Transmutes

    Intellect Devourer: This poor wretch still retains some humanity after its dark transformation by evil sorcery was interrupted before its horrible consummation. Now, it strives to do good deeds and honor what it remembers of its former existence.
    What will grant you double XP in Neverwinter during this event?

    XP gained from killing creatures in game.

    XP gained from professions.

    XP rewards from quests.

    XP rewards from invocation.

    XP rewards from completed Foundry missions.

    Companions will also gain double XP. Even if you are level 70, your companions will continue to gain double XP as you progress through the game.

    * Companions will not receive double XP from Sword Coast Adventures.

    Neverwinter XBOX ONE CTA: Pit Fight / 2x Glory and 20% off Glory Boosters Weekend!

    Special rewards: Shadow Wolf Mount

    Shadow Wolf: this wolf will strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose its rider. Along with the green-quality mount players can receive from the event, players will be able to purchase a purple-quality Shadow Wolf Mount from the Zen Market. Unlike the mount received from the event, this mount will be unlocked for all of your characters.
    2x Glory and 20% off Glory Boosters: For all our PvP adventurers, 2x Glory will be turned on this weekend! Even for those who are trying out PvP for the first time, there’s no better time than now to start collecting gear.

    Neverwinter PC CTA: Storm Front / 2x XP and 20% off Boosts weekend!

    Special rewards: Rimefire Golem companion

    Rimefire Golem: The secret of making Rimefire constructs has recently been revealed and now adventurers are gaining access to these powerful golems. As a green quality companion, the Rimefire Golem has a Max Rank of 25. The active bonus from the Rimefire Golem gives you 500 additional HP.
    20% off boosts, this includes XP, Campaign, and Glory Boosters, so stock up while you can to prepare for Storm King’s Thunder. Please note that the Underdark Campaign Completion is not part of this sale as it was only introduced last week.

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