Safewow share Class & Race Suggestion and 10% off blade and soul gold April Fools Day gift

Safewow share Class & Race Suggestion and 10% off blade and soul gold April Fools Day gift

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  1. I would like to suggest a class & race change voucher to be sold in the IM for about the same price as a character slot voucher is.
    This voucher would allow players to change their class 1 time per voucher used. Players can only change to the class available to their race. (For example: A Jin Assassin CAN change to a Jin Warlock, but a Jin Assassin canNOT change to a Jin Destroyer.)

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    In order to use the class change voucher, players will need to take off their weapon. They should be warned to remove any gems in their weapons before making the change as they will no longer be able to equip their weapon. Once the class change has been made their skill tree should change to the new class with none of the points contributed to any skill.

    Race Voucher

    This voucher will allow players to change their race once per voucher used. Players can only change to the race that can play their class. (For example: A Yun KFM can become a Gon KFM. However a Yun KFM canNOT become a Lyn, because Lyns are not KFMs.)

    Players should be warned that any race specific outfits owned by players will become obsolete. (not lost, you just can’t wear them anymore since you are no longer that race.) It should also be noted that players will be changed to the standard race design and will need to buy a character alteration voucher to change how their character looks.
    In most cases anyone buying a race change voucher is going to want to customize their character, so selling the race change and character change vouchers together as a sale bundle would do nicely. Also some players might want to go from being a Yun blade master to being a Jin assassin. In order to do this they would:

    1) want to buy a race change voucher to become a Jin blade master.

    2) Then they would use the class change voucher to change from a blade master to an assassin.

    3) Finally, players would buy the character alteration voucher to personalize their characters look.

    That said, selling all three vouchers together in a bundle on sale would indeed encourage the sales of the product for players interested in the vouchers.

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