Safewow share May 10% off neverwinter astral diamonds sale and Masterwork news

Safewow share May 10% off neverwinter astral diamonds sale and Masterwork news

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  1. Safewow which is a professional Neverwinter Diamonds selling site Masterwork Professions in Neverwinter. It includes the addition of new high-end, difficult recipes and the quests to unlock them and the tools to complete them.

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    Now it is hard to make a profit as a crafter. Some professions have little to offer due to being in the same space as artifacts. Although there is some investment in leveling a profession, it is not difficult to reach the maximum rank. At that point there is little that sets maximum rank crafters apart. Masterwork recipes allows high level crafters to distinguish themselves from one another by adding new goals. Essentially masterwork recipes are an endgame for the dedicated crafter.

    Players must be a member of a guild with a stronghold guildhall of at least rank 12 in order to unlock masterwork recipes. Players have to undertake the quests for that profession in order to unlock new recipes for a given profession. For those crafters not in a high rank guild, those undertake masterwork recipes will need lower rank materials and rare items. Additionally, opening up the competition on profitable and evergreen items will be reduced allowing those prices to rise or stabilize.

    The main goal of Strongholds is to provide a more interesting experience for players in guilds. Challenges and tasks are provied and the guild as a whole could tackle.

    These challenges come in the form of your Stronghold and all guilds have their own Stronghold adventure zone. The Stronghold is dilapidated and the land around it infested with enemies. As the guild ranks up, the Stronghold starts to get repaired, townsfolk start move back in, new enemies will appear and new structures will be built.

    A core part of Strongholds is donating to the coffer and building structures. Members of the guild can donate many items to the guild coffer. Players with the proper permission can spend what is in the coffer to build structures on the Stronghold map. Some structures will help improve the guild land, while others will provide boons for members of the guild. Strongholds will bring a new dimension to guilds within Neverwinter.

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