Safewow share Three Things to Do before The Maze Engine Hits PC Neverwinter on March 15

Safewow share Three Things to Do before The Maze Engine Hits PC Neverwinter on March 15

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  1. The Cryptic Studios just announced a series activities to help PC players prepare for the Maze Engine. Here safewow gathers all things together to make it easier for people to navigate: Vote a tile every day to help scouts until they find the treasure; have a final play with the Devs on March 9; and join in Developer stream for the Maze Engine story on March 10.

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    Treasure hunt event available every day before 6 AM PT

    Before the expansion goes alive on PC version of Neverwinter, the scouts in game need players’ help to find the treasure that hidden somewhere on the Sword Coast. To join in this event, you can just comment with a tile you would like to uncover before 6 AM PT every day. The tiles with the most votes will be revealed next day at around 9 AM PT – and hopefully the treasure with it. It is worth mentioning that the treasure hunt event is worldwide so that five different communities (English, German, French, Italian and Russian) will get their own tiles to be revealed. Treasure will be for NWPC only, but NWXbox adventurers are also welcome to vote.
    A final chance to play with the Devs on March 9

    On March 1, the neverwinter developers had made a touch with players to deep into Castle Never dungeon. This Wednesday (March 9), the final play with the Devs will be ongoing from 3-4PM PT. As usual, you need to copy over your character to preview. Here is the step-to-step guide to do it:
    1. Go to Character Copy Page and sign up to make your account Preview enabled.
    2. Select “NeverwinterPreview” as a shard in the Neverwinter launcher.
    3. Make a new character, or select one of your previously existing characters.
    4. Select NeverwinterPreview as the destination to copy the character in the dropdown menu.
    5. Open your Neverwinter launcher, select the NeverwinterPreview shard, and wait for your client to patch.
    6. Launch the game.
    Developer stream about Maze Engine story on March 10

    If you want to get more info about The Maze Engine’s story and campaign, don’t miss the chance on March 10 from 3-4PM PT, during which a developer stream will be hosted to answer any questions from players about this upcoming expansion. Participating developers include Staff Content Designer, Sean “Commander Ander” McCann and Community Manager, Andy “StrumSlinger” Wong. In addition to the information showing, there will also be a chance for more Purple Owlbears as usual. Stay tuned on Perfect World Twitch Channel.

    What information will the dev team give for The Maze Engine? Where would the treasure be buried, in the the deep dark corner of the forest – H8, at the 2 rivers converge – E2, or any other unexpected corner? It is time for you to say. Mark the time for the thing you want to join in. BTW, don’t forget to buy neverwinter pc astral diamonds cheap on safewow to enhance your experience!

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